Centreville, Chantilly & Oakton 2021

Vienna, VA
Hosted by Oakton
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Throws- 4 attempts/no finals
LJ/TJ- 4 attempts/no finals
4:45 pm
Boys Discus, followed by Girls Discus
Girls Shot, followed by Boys Discus
Open pit for Boys & Girls Long Jump until 6pm
Pole vault will start at 6' then boys can come in at 7'6
Girls HJ start at 4'0" (followed by Boys)
Boys & Girls Triple Jump open pit from 615-730pm
Boys shot
Girls Disc
Boys HJ start at 5'0"

ORDER OF EVENTS- TRACK (Events will be run Girls, followed by Boys)
5:00 pm
4x800m Relay- Boys and girls together
Girls 100m HH
Boys 110HH
100m Dash
1600m Run
4x100m Relay
400m Dash
300m Hurdles
800m Run
200m Dash
3200m Run- Boys & Girls will run together if combined entries are less than 20
4x400m Relay
For the 100/110 Hurdles & 100m Dash, events will be run in four lanes. All other laned races will use all 6 lanes.

DUTIES: (Field events include coach/official to run the event, as well as parent/student helpers)
LJ/TJ- Centreville/Oakton
Shot Put- Centreville
Discus- Chantilly
High Jump- Oakton
Pole Vault- Chantilly
Starter- Chantilly
Timing- Chantilly
Clerk- Oakton/Centreville
Finish Line- Chantilly
Hip Numbers- Chantilly
Hurdle Crew- Oakton
Announcer- Chantilly