Fluvanna Home #1 2021

Palmyra, VA

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

Fluvanna Outdoor Meet

Date:  May 12, 2021

Time: 3:00pm field events, 4 individuals per event per school (4 girls, 4 boys)

(Horizontal jumps open pit, 4 jumps no finals)

High jump: girls followed by boys

Pole Vault: girls followed by boys

Shot Put: Boys followed by girls

Long jump: Boys and girls

Discus: Girls followed by boys

Triple jump: Boys and girls after long jump


4:30pm running events (we will start running events earlier if all the field events are completed)

Entries: 8 individuals per event per schools (8 boys, 8 girls) 2 relay teams

Running events

4x800 relay boys and girls together

100/110 m hurdles (G/B)

100 m dash (G/B)

1600 m (G/B) possibly run together

 4x 100 relays (G/B)

 400 m (G/B)

 300H m (G/B)

 800 m (G/B)

200 m (G/B)

3200 m (G/B) boys and girls together

4x400 m (G/B) run together

Entries should be done through Milestat.com. Entries close May 11, 2021 at 9:00 pm.

 All Covid-19 protocol set by VHSL will be strictly followed

Spectators will need to purchase ticket online. Your AD should send you a link.

Each athlete in high jump and pole vault need to bring their own tarp.

Each athlete must have their own shot put

ALL COACHES must work the meet

Score will be 5-3-1, relays 5

No concessions

Athletes should bring own water and food

 Password: will be sent to the coaches