2C Regional Championship 2021

Appomattox, VA

Meet Information

                                                            Region 2C Outdoor Track Meet 2021

Thursday, June 10, 2021; Rain date June 11, 2021.

: Coaches meeting 12:00 p.m. Field events will start at 12:30 p.m. Running events

will start at approximately 2:30 p.m.

Admission: $6.00 per person.

: Appomattox County High School, 198 Evergreen Ave. Appomattox, VA.

***SPIKE FACILITY*** Spikes are to be worn only on the track surface areas. Food,

and drinks are not allowed on the infield area.

No cell phones are allowed at in the track areas. The Starter and Marshall will DQ

individuals or escort parents and coaches outside if needed.

Wireless Communication:
No wireless communication, except those allowed by the meet

administration are allowed. All cell phones should be silenced. Any athletes using headphones,

cell phones or other portable electronic devices in the competition area may be disqualified.

Video Ban
: It is strictly against the rules to view a video while in active participation. This will

result in immediate disqualification from that event. Only a coach can view a video made in an

unrestricted area. After viewing, the coach may discuss with the athlete in an unrestricted area;

however, at no time during the competition may an athlete view the video.
Uniforms: The national federation uniform rule will be enforced. Jewelry can be worn.

Relay Cards:
Coaches need to fill out relay cards for each of their relays. Relay Cards should

include school name and the names of the competing relay athletes in their order.

Vertical Jumps
: We will use the "three alive" method for high jump. Athletes must check out

and check back in following their completed running events.

Athletic Trainer:
The ACHS athletic training staff will be on site. Please send any supplies

(i.e. tape, pre-wrap, etc.) with your teams on the day of the meet.

Scratches can be made up until the declaration deadline of June 6, 2021. After the

deadline the athlete will be declared! The athlete can't be scratched from an individual race to be

added to a relay after declaration. Each entered athlete should have a time, height, or distance

from a current meet this outdoor season. Athletes can only compete in 3 running events, if the

athlete is running the 2 mile race, they may compete in one other race due the meet being a one

day meet. There is no limitation on field events.
Registration Opens: May 25, 2021. Registration Closes: June 6, 2021. Scratches can be sent to

Chris Dodge cmdodge@acpsweb.com on Wednesday June 9, 2021 by 3:00 p.m. Scratches may

also be made at the meet on June 10 (only scratches can be made then, no additions)

Entry Limits:
Since there are no time standards being used this year for automatic region

or state qualifying, each school can enter 3 athletes per event and 1 relay team.

Tents will be allowed to be set up outside of the stadium area.

Order of Events: Rolling schedule

Certification of Implements  11:30AM
Field Events will start at 12:30PM

Boys Shot Put followed by Girls

Girls Discus followed by Boys

Girls High Jump followed by Boys

Girls Long Jump and Boys Long Jump (2 pits)

Girls Pole Vault followed Boys Pole Vault

Girls Triple Jump and Boys Triple Jump (following Long Jump)

Running Events Start at 2:30 pm
Girls -3200 Meter Relay 

Boys -3200 Meter Relay 

Girls - 100 Meter Hurdle Finals

Boys -110 Meter Hurdle Finals

Girls - 100 Meter Dash Finals

Boys-  100 Meter Dash Finals 

Girls - 1600 Meter Run

Boys - 1600 Meter Run

Girls - 400 Meter Relay

Boys - 400 Meter Relay

Girls - 400 Meter Dash

Boys - 400 Meter Dash

Girls - 300 Meter Hurdles

Boys - 300 Meter Hurdles

Girls - 800 Meter Run

Boys - 800 Meter Run

Girls - 200 Meter Dash

Boys - 200 Meter Dash 

Girls - 3200 Meter Run

Boys - 3200 Meter Run

Girls - 1600 Meter Relay

Boys - 1600 Meter Relay

**Due to the number of entries in an event there may only be finals and no trials

**Top four athletes and relays from the regional meet will advance to

the state meet. Top 8 places will score for 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 to

determine the Region Champion.**

Concessions will be on site. No food is allowed in the track area.

Please have your athletes clean up after themselves. Water and

Gatorade bottles will be allowed in the track area.

Assignments  for Regional Meet


Pole Vault : Nelson / Appomattox

Shot Put : Gretna/Chatham/Appomattox

Discus: Nelson/Gretna/Appomattox

Long Jump  /Triple Jump Girls: Appomattox/James River/Alleghany/Giles

Jump jump/Triple Jump Boys
: Appomattox/Dan River/Glenvar

High Jump : Glenvar/Patrick County/Fort Chiswell

Hurdle Crew:100/110 h: Appomattox/Floyd/ Radford/Giles

Hurdle Crew:300h : Appomattox/Dan River/ Nelson

Relay Zone : Appomattox/Fort Chiswell/Alleghany


Weigh Implements : Appomattox


AppealsCommittee : Appomattox,James River,Radford,Floyd,Patrick County