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Rocky Mount, VA
Timing/Results Run Roanoke
Registration Opens On Sep 1, 2022

Meet Information

Races will start at 4:30 with the mixed middle school 3k, followed by the mixed varsity 5K as soon afterwards as the timer, Run Roanoke, is ready.

To keep numbers within state guidelines as much as possible, and to facilitate distancing and COVID-19 safety, the following measures will be taken:

All adults and spectators need to wear a mask

We're around 125 runners, so the most equitable way we see to try to keep the overall number within guidelines is to insist that a school not bring any more adults than they have runners.  That has to include coaches as well, so for instance, a school with 30 runners should not bring more than 30 adults, spectators and coaches combined. Unfortunate, but necessary.

Set up your team tents at the white poles we'll have set out.  You can set up at whichever you want, but it needs to be at one of the poles. This will maintain some spacing between the teams.

The race is being chip timed by Run Roanoke, so there is no group of adults working the finish, no chute to clog, and no reason to stop.  When runners finish they need to walk as quickly as possible away from the finish to their team tent.

The most crowded spot at a XC race is the finish line.  For on thing, everyone is already wearing masks. In addition, do not breach the flagging that will be set along the finish straight and space as much as possible on either side.

COVID SCREENING  - Use the form attached to pre-screen all your athletes and coaches before you leave.  CHA will screen spectators and visitors at the parking area.//

There will be no common water at the meet or finish line. Each team should bring water, gatorade, and snacks for their own team.
Our restroom/locker rooms are inside the gym.  Going into the gym should only be for access to the bathrooms, no hanging out or congregating in the gym.  Coaches, please enforce this for your group.
Start boxes will be marked for each school, proportionately wide for their numbers of runners, and spaced apart.