Dulles District Championships 2022

Ashburn, VA
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Dulles District Outdoor Track & Field Championships 2022

Wednesday, May 18th - 4 x 800 Relay Boys and Girls and All

Field Events
       12noon: Facility Opens
       1pm-2pm: Implement Certification (in tractor shed)
       1:30pm: Coaches Meeting (at finish line)
       2pm: Field Events Begin (Girls HJ, Boys LJ, Girls TJ, Boys Discus, Girls Shot)
       4pm: 4x800m Relay Begins (Girls followed by Boys)
Thursday, May 19th - All Running Events except 4 x 800 Relay
       12noon: Facility Opens
       1:30pm: Coaches Meeting (at finish line)
       2pm: Running Events Begin with the 100/110m Hurdles
Field Events Notes:
       LJ, TJ, SP and Discus will be competed in Flights, with 3 preliminary attempts and then the top 9 competitors advancing to finals where they will get 3 additional attempts.
       HJ will use 5-Alive, Opening Heights will be 4-4 for Girls and 5-4 for Boys (may be adjusted by Games Committee based on entries).
       The Second Set of Field Events will begin 30 minutes after the first set ends-calls will be made (Boys HJ, Girls LJ, Boys TJ, Girls Discus, Boys Shot)
Running Events Notes:
       All events will be Girls followed by Boys
       Heats will be Seeded Slow to Fast
       All races will be final (no prelims)
QualificationEach School will be granted 3 entries per gender, per individual event. If a School wishes to enter more than 3 athletes in an event, all athletes must have hit the District Qualifying Mark at a Qualifying Meet. Each school will be allowed to enter 1 Relay per event, per gender. On MileStat, remember to include all potential relay runners not already entered in an individual event. Athletes not entered in an individual event or entered as a relay leg/alternate on MileStat will not be allowed to complete.
Advancing: The District will advance the Top 8 Individuals and Top 4 Relay Teams in each event, in each gender, to the Region Championships.No Substitutions will be allowed.
Please Contact Brad Burzumato (bradley.burzumato@lcps.org), Brian Schmidt (brian.schmidt@lcps.org) or Pat McNanley (Patrick.mcnanley@lcps.org) with any questions or concerns.