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1 month ago unattached athletes
@1436099666417045 Just sent in my payment via mail
1 month ago unattached athletes
@1436099666417045 Not yet
1 month ago unattached athletes
@1436099666417045 I'm registering my unattached athlete it states that individuals are $20. So I'...
3 months ago Rising Stars
@fl1-5aae05d6-3090-4157-9cfd-3c72c037847f Typically at Virginia Beach, spectator tickets are sold...
3 months ago $40 per individual event and $110 per relay?
3 months ago Championship Girls Triple Jump
@Mskg2678 [url=https://adidastracknationals.com]https://adidastracknationals.com[/url]
3 months ago Standards for Freshman and open events & Fees (Bags)
3 months ago Meet Gear and
@swdavis64 [url=https://adidastracknationals.com]https://adidastracknationals.com[/url]
3 months ago Adidas National Meet
@Lluciano typically for Virginia Beach it's only 25 spectators per session. This could change, no...
3 months ago Qualifying...
@sub4m Use the main website for question/answers [url=https://adidastracknationals.com]https://ad...
4 months ago Divisions
@Rblizzard1 you can register on coachO at [url=https://coachoregistration.com/dbi-bin/meetinfopag...
6 months ago Registration for unattached athlete
The meet page is for entering clubs/athletes who are high school age. If you are looking to enter...
6 months ago Unattached Athletes Shirt
@BerkleyNance My daughter is unattached. Teams will be in uniforms. For unattached athletes, I ...
7 months ago Registration
@11826071 It look's like registration has not opened yet. I'm also waiting for meet info and reg...
7 months ago Unattached athletes
@otis0880 You should be able to, it's a club meet. I have an unattached athlete.