Ian Ragin

Narberth, PA

About Me

100m PR: 11.42
200m PR: 23.11
400m PR: 53.37
800m PR: 2:11.10

Discussion Posts

9 years ago Lehigh's new track???
does anyone know of the new changes that Lehigh has done to their indoor track?
9 years ago District 12 Meet Safety
I grew up in that area and still come back time to time. I have to say that it isn't that bad at ...
9 years ago Lower Merion Invitational 2012
how come none of the times are showing up on the rankings?
10 years ago Brady Gehret
@seancollins1996 he pulled up
10 years ago Cross Country Predictions?
@leidalsn im sorry but in my opinion so many other kids who are better then drew, so i dont think...
10 years ago Viking Invitational Top 3 Boys and Girls teams/individuals
noris looked really good
10 years ago AAU Area 2 National Qualifier 2011 WHAT 4X400 17-18 TEAM LOOKS LIKE A CHAMPION?
Mantua Elite, their relay is stacked with a great group of kids, who can seem to do something spe...
10 years ago Cross Country Predictions?
max norris should be one to look out for if every thing works out like it did in track
10 years ago Lower Merion Invitational 2011
that would be great my email is i.ragin1794@gmail.com
10 years ago Lower Merion Invitational 2011
could we get full results as i would like to see how i did. "sorry if that sounds mean"
11 years ago Top Contenders For the State Championship
any one have a video of the boys 400 ?
11 years ago Sophmores?
@xcman102 i know that max norris moved up from AA to AAA this year and got second in the state ...
11 years ago Top Incoming Freshman and Sophmores
Congrats to Max Norris from Harriton on making state's his first year in AAA
11 years ago Top Incoming Freshman and Sophmores
Max Norris - Harriton Sophomore
11 years ago hand times and 200 n 400
is a 11.6 a good hand time for a freshman and what are sum better ways at getting better at the 2...
12 years ago Freshman
im not ian ragin im just a friend that goes to lower merion and i know how fast ian is but i know...
12 years ago Freshman
this kid named ian ragin that goes to harriton ran a 11.6 in the 100m as an 8th grader last year ...
12 years ago Central League Discussion
harriton's freshman class is going to be really good i think and they have this freshman who got ...