Nolan Jez

Midlothian, VA

About Me


First off let me say I am very excited to be here and to be taking on this challenge! I look forward to working with each and every stakeholder and ultimately improving this already successful site. Please do not hesitate to reach out via direct messages or to my email .

A little about me:
*2009 James River High School (Richmond)graduate
*2012 B.A. Cultural Anthropology
University of Kentucky (Lexington)
*2013 M.P.S Sport Industry Management
Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.)

*8 time Penn Relay Carnival ticket holder (section NJ, row 8, we will be the ones holding up a USA flag
with noise makers... can't miss us.
*Huge social media integration fan (instagram, twitter...etc.)
*Best track memory = winning dominion district 4x400 title in indoor.

- Nolan

Discussion Posts

5 months ago Pole vault
@knnmcdaniel Yes.
6 months ago Unattached athletes
@otis0880 Yea, that meet is going to be for club/unattached athletes only. Maybe they will ...
9 months ago Blue Ridge Running Camp 2020
@gilmorep Yep! More to come today or tomorrow.
10 months ago Updates
@fl1-4d997215-1878-43e2-9c50-5e98fec9a296 It is not on anymore unfortunately.
10 months ago Updates
@dwilkes1463 The plan is the meet is still on. Gov Northam said it should take 2-4 weeks so it al...
11 months ago Updates
@nicka29 No changes to report as of late. Still waiting to see how "Phase 1" goes. If it takes 2 ...
11 months ago What training is effective for strengthening the legs?
@komeye I can't speak exactly to marathon training but for general training, I'd suggest lots of ...
11 months ago What training is effective for strengthening the legs?
@komeye What specific training are you looking for? What event(s) do you compete in? Strength tra...
11 months ago Steeple Chase
@Crytset It is 100% an event we are looking at adding if there is enough interest... might have t...
12 months ago Wrong children on video on child profile videos page
@jeraldar just send me the athlete profile page and tell me which video is incorrect. email: ...
12 months ago PRs
@cdweeks Yessir! Submit them thru the MileSplit virtual meet.
1 year ago PRs
@David_N of course! They will be put into the MileSplit database under your athlete name but in t...
1 year ago Milestat rankings
@Crytset Yes, to that. I have tried over the past few years to be better about differentiating be...
1 year ago Milestat rankings
@Crytset There used to be... I think the tech team is bringing it back after they fix bugs with t...
1 year ago Middle School State meet specs
@cawitt have to double check with someone on that but I believe it will be close to USATF guideli...
1 year ago Middle School Eligibility
@cawitt Nothing special needs to be done. Each county has their own restrictions whether athletes...
1 year ago Spike Restrictions on Liberty Track?
@1529244590 1/4 inch pyramid spikes are the only ones allowed.
1 year ago Scheduling conflict
@Beaverrunners I would definitely recommend you, your coach, or school reaching out to meet manag...
1 year ago Missing Video Footage for Select Races
@cencha50 Here is Day 1's full replay: [url=]
1 year ago Missing Video Footage for Select Races
@cencha50 So the splicing thing works but sometimes cuts things different. I would suggest lookin...
1 year ago Merging accounts
@12luke345 I have merged every email, try sending it again... maybe it did not go thru. I will co...
1 year ago very important question- Is it Woot or Whoop?
@fl1-8dbcfc9b-8d77-45c9-a581-dadacee4083c it is most certainly WHOOOOOOPPPP
1 year ago Merging accounts
@12luke345 Hey, just shoot me (Nolan Jez) an email and I can try and help you out with this. e...
1 year ago Entry deadline
@ehoneycutt Updated information will be posted the minute we receive it.
1 year ago Live stream for Liberty Premier Invitational ??
@ricamabel There is not. We are live streaming the VTCA Winter Classic at VMI and the Fred Hardy ...
1 year ago Qualifying standards
@misspink Any time that is on MileStat will count! Be sure to send me those results Njez@miles...
1 year ago 200m NB Qualifier
@Ljohnson1908 That information refers to the meet preferring the best athletes to be in the 300m ...
1 year ago Boys 4 x 800
@tweddingtonmd Hey, that is a question for the meet director listed on the meet page.
1 year ago State standards
@Crytset Those are compiled by each region's director. Not the VHSL
1 year ago Correct Date for States
@haskiells while everyone else is likely going to be upset about this I am personally hype! I wil...
1 year ago Location???
@kingsfork The plan right now is for it to be at UVA.
1 year ago Qualifying standards
@jbarclayrps Right now the idea will be allowing the top 50-100 entries per event into the meet. ...
1 year ago Boo Williams ready?
@thompson28 I haven't heard anything to say it wasn't going to be ready but will check with my so...
1 year ago Vendor at meet
@11647610 Hey! We reached out to the meet director and they let us know they just received the t-...
2 years ago Harrington and Graham
@Crytset So here is some info on that for last decade... 2015: Libby Davidson/Weini Kelati ...
2 years ago Qualifying Individually using 5K’s
@mtanner 6th,7th,and 8th graders are all eligible, I do know that. Email "middleschoolstatesva...
2 years ago rankings
@stccc They should be now.
2 years ago Payment
@11646686 Hey! If you go to your account and click my subscription it will show you all your opti...
2 years ago Qualifying Individually using 5K’s
@chrisernandes That is correct.
2 years ago Qualifying Individually using 5K’s
All- Updated information is now on the meet page. I will try and get out an article this afternoo...
2 years ago Qualifying Individually using 5K’s
@Mmcdonald4vtech Yes. All middle schoolers are eligible as long as they haven't turned pro! haha!
2 years ago Middle school state track meet
@knnmcdaniel States will have all the normal events. Just like high school it will feature three ...
2 years ago Qualifying Individually using 5K’s
@chrisernandes 1)7 Per Team + Top 50 not on those teams, all others are in unseeded. 2)Not ...
2 years ago Qualifying Individually using 5K’s
@BBruns4ever I will ask them about it.
2 years ago Qualifying Individually using 5K’s
@742821074 What area of the state runs 5K's instead of shorter races?
2 years ago Merging accounts.
In the future just shoot me an email at I merged these profiles.
2 years ago Field Events?
@abigailcollins0 They do not have field events. Email someone with Road Runners of RVA if you are...
2 years ago Registration
@GR3 every age is accepted! I think the oldest runner is closer to 80!
2 years ago Boys 800m
@rze15 Should be there, titled twice and worst case the entire race video of the meet is up and y...
2 years ago Coverage for 1A/2A
@nene1118 We will post results the minute we receive them and are going to work on splicing up ev...