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First off let me say I am very excited to be here and to be taking on this challenge! I look forward to working with each and every stakeholder and ultimately improving this already successful site. Please do not hesitate to reach out via direct messages or to my email njez@milesplit.com .

A little about me:
*2009 James River High School (Richmond)graduate
*2012 B.A. Cultural Anthropology
University of Kentucky (Lexington)
*2013 M.P.S Sport Industry Management
Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.)

*8 time Penn Relay Carnival ticket holder (section NJ, row 8, we will be the ones holding up a USA flag
with noise makers... can't miss us.
*Huge social media integration fan (instagram, twitter...etc.)
*Best track memory = winning dominion district 4x400 title in indoor.

- Nolan

Discussion Posts

19 days ago Updates
@nicka29 No changes to report as of late. Still waiting to see how "Phase 1" goes. If it takes 2 ...
23 days ago What training is effective for strengthening the legs?
@komeye I can't speak exactly to marathon training but for general training, I'd suggest lots of ...
26 days ago What training is effective for strengthening the legs?
@komeye What specific training are you looking for? What event(s) do you compete in? Strength tra...
28 days ago Steeple Chase
@Crytset It is 100% an event we are looking at adding if there is enough interest... might have t...
1 month ago Wrong children on video on child profile videos page
@jeraldar just send me the athlete profile page and tell me which video is incorrect. email: ...
1 month ago PRs
@cdweeks Yessir! Submit them thru the MileSplit virtual meet.
2 months ago PRs
@David_N of course! They will be put into the MileSplit database under your athlete name but in t...
2 months ago Milestat rankings
@Crytset Yes, to that. I have tried over the past few years to be better about differentiating be...
2 months ago Milestat rankings
@Crytset There used to be... I think the tech team is bringing it back after they fix bugs with t...
3 months ago Middle School State meet specs
@cawitt have to double check with someone on that but I believe it will be close to USATF guideli...
3 months ago Middle School Eligibility
@cawitt Nothing special needs to be done. Each county has their own restrictions whether athletes...
3 months ago Spike Restrictions on Liberty Track?
@1529244590 1/4 inch pyramid spikes are the only ones allowed.
4 months ago Scheduling conflict
@Beaverrunners I would definitely recommend you, your coach, or school reaching out to meet manag...
4 months ago Missing Video Footage for Select Races
@cencha50 Here is Day 1's full replay: [url=https://va.milesplit.com/videos/425876]https://va.mil...
4 months ago Missing Video Footage for Select Races
@cencha50 So the splicing thing works but sometimes cuts things different. I would suggest lookin...
4 months ago Merging accounts
@12luke345 I have merged every email, try sending it again... maybe it did not go thru. I will co...
4 months ago very important question- Is it Woot or Whoop?
@fl1-8dbcfc9b-8d77-45c9-a581-dadacee4083c it is most certainly WHOOOOOOPPPP
4 months ago Merging accounts
@12luke345 Hey, just shoot me (Nolan Jez) an email and I can try and help you out with this. e...
5 months ago Entry deadline
@ehoneycutt Updated information will be posted the minute we receive it.
5 months ago Live stream for Liberty Premier Invitational ??
@ricamabel There is not. We are live streaming the VTCA Winter Classic at VMI and the Fred Hardy ...
5 months ago Qualifying standards
@misspink Any time that is on MileStat will count! Be sure to send me those results Njez@miles...
5 months ago 200m NB Qualifier
@Ljohnson1908 That information refers to the meet preferring the best athletes to be in the 300m ...
5 months ago Boys 4 x 800
@tweddingtonmd Hey, that is a question for the meet director listed on the meet page.
6 months ago State standards
@Crytset Those are compiled by each region's director. Not the VHSL
6 months ago Correct Date for States
@haskiells while everyone else is likely going to be upset about this I am personally hype! I wil...
6 months ago Location???
@kingsfork The plan right now is for it to be at UVA.
6 months ago Qualifying standards
@jbarclayrps Right now the idea will be allowing the top 50-100 entries per event into the meet. ...
6 months ago Boo Williams ready?
@thompson28 I haven't heard anything to say it wasn't going to be ready but will check with my so...
7 months ago Vendor at meet
@11647610 Hey! We reached out to the meet director and they let us know they just received the t-...
8 months ago Harrington and Graham
@Crytset So here is some info on that for last decade... 2015: Libby Davidson/Weini Kelati ...
8 months ago Qualifying Individually using 5K’s
@mtanner 6th,7th,and 8th graders are all eligible, I do know that. Email "middleschoolstatesva...
8 months ago rankings
@stccc They should be now.
9 months ago Payment
@11646686 Hey! If you go to your account and click my subscription it will show you all your opti...
9 months ago Qualifying Individually using 5K’s
@chrisernandes That is correct.
10 months ago Qualifying Individually using 5K’s
All- Updated information is now on the meet page. I will try and get out an article this afternoo...
10 months ago Qualifying Individually using 5K’s
@Mmcdonald4vtech Yes. All middle schoolers are eligible as long as they haven't turned pro! haha!
11 months ago Middle school state track meet
@knnmcdaniel States will have all the normal events. Just like high school it will feature three ...
11 months ago Qualifying Individually using 5K’s
@chrisernandes 1)7 Per Team + Top 50 not on those teams, all others are in unseeded. 2)Not ...
11 months ago Qualifying Individually using 5K’s
@BBruns4ever I will ask them about it.
11 months ago Qualifying Individually using 5K’s
@742821074 What area of the state runs 5K's instead of shorter races?
11 months ago Merging accounts.
In the future just shoot me an email at Njez@milesplit.com I merged these profiles.
12 months ago Field Events?
@abigailcollins0 They do not have field events. Email someone with Road Runners of RVA if you are...
1 year ago Registration
@GR3 every age is accepted! I think the oldest runner is closer to 80!
1 year ago Boys 800m
@rze15 Should be there, titled twice and worst case the entire race video of the meet is up and y...
1 year ago Coverage for 1A/2A
@nene1118 We will post results the minute we receive them and are going to work on splicing up ev...
1 year ago Stars
@NiaBThrows Some coaches/districts add them in there to denote being an All-Academic athlete
1 year ago Girl throws
@Brooklynn_Bonanno Hey! I am not an "expert" but I would say the "big school" cutoffs for girls i...
1 year ago Snap timing
@krjackn They should have the ability to upload the results or email them to us in a flat HTML fo...
1 year ago Fluvanna invitational no girls results.
@mattymath I already emailed the meet director so hopefully we will have them shortly.
1 year ago Problem with times
@Peanut4377 It all depends on who is timing the meet and managing it