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2 months ago Waivers
Are the necessary waivers available online so we can fill them out ahead of time?
2 months ago Heat sheets
Heat sheets will come out before 4:00 today?
3 months ago Photos for Girls 1 Mile, Girls 1K, Girls 2 Mile (All Heats)
[url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/garymui/albums/72157718290811588]Girls 1 Mile[/url] [url=ht...
3 months ago Saturday schedule / Doors Open
How are "Doors Open" and "Girls' Two Mile Run" both scheduled to start at 7am on Saturday? Will ...
3 months ago Athletes not competing
Same here - I need to scratch an event for my runner. Can we still do that?
6 years ago Somers Modified Invitational 2015
Thanks for posting the 7th grade results. The girls times are incorrect though. I have a winnin...
6 years ago Somers Modified Invitational 2015
Are 7th grade results going to be posted?