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7 months ago Steeple Chase
Consider Alli signed up for Steeple if you add the event!
7 months ago Steeple Chase
What are the chances of adding Steeple to the event list?
8 months ago Qualifying standards
If and when the stay at home order in VA is lifted, we will consider a date. We will also have to...
8 months ago New Team Pages
Taking a look at the new Team Pages.....So Far AWESOME change!
8 months ago Milestat rankings
I just found out how to get a ranked list of times per event for one particular school.....Go to ...
8 months ago Milestat rankings
On that same line, I'm looking at school records at Hanover. The girl's indoor 55mh record was se...
8 months ago Milestat rankings
Nolan, Is there a way in Milestat to look at the rankings for a particular team? What I am tryin...
9 months ago With all due Respect.....
The more I think about it, the 1600 race itself should be a selection. A soph and two freshman al...
9 months ago With all due Respect.....
Nolan, I highly respect all that you do at Milestat.....but with all due respect I think you miss...
10 months ago RVA Athletes Qualified For States!
FYI, you missed all of the Hanover High kids who qualified.....
10 months ago Hanover Last Chance Relay
Please register ASAP if you plan to enter the meet. We need 3 more schools. Thanks!
10 months ago Sprint medley
DMR is 1200-400-800-1600. The SMR is 200-200-400-800
10 months ago Qualifying standards
Just to be clear, the Hanover meet is not necessarily a "qualifying" meet BUT it will be FAT time...
12 months ago State standards
Any idea when the regional standards will be released?
1 year ago Qualifying standards
Hanover High is planning to hold a qualifying meet for the Middle School Championship. Look for i...
1 year ago Location???
Not sure the exact location but I believe it will be in Richmond.
1 year ago Harrington and Graham
Good info. Thanks!
1 year ago Harrington and Graham
Regarding Nolan's eye popping stats in the last article about VA girls and how many have/have not...
1 year ago RVA Relays
Nolan, not sure if you are aware but the RVA relays results are not showing on the website.
2 years ago Rest After Xc Season
Rest two weeks and do something fun! If running is fun for them then run on trails with friends a...
3 years ago Nolan....4x1600
Nolan, Any chance you forgot to upload the girls and boys 4x1600 relay from Manchester??
3 years ago Photos on Site
@vamilesplit email sent. Thanks!
3 years ago Photos on Site
What is the policy for using photos on the site? Can they be posted to school websites?
3 years ago Stop the Ads!
Download an ad blocker. Works great.
3 years ago Virginia Track Coaches Association - Membership
@mdwalton Matt, your links are not working. At least for me they do not.
3 years ago VHSL State Cross Country Championships 2017
@vamilesplit thank you for the clarification and my apologies to Dave for not recognizing who he ...
3 years ago VHSL State Cross Country Championships 2017
@chilid Not to doubt you but has there been an official statement from the VHSL as to what this m...
3 years ago Class 4 Region B Cross Country Championship 2017
I generally agree with the comments and hope that the regional meet stays at this location. The c...
3 years ago How to create athlete profile
Yes, she is in the results twice. On April 8, 2017 she ran the 800 in the Gus Lacy Classic as an ...
3 years ago How to create athlete profile
Nolan or Brandon, My youngest daughter is a middle school runner in Hanover county where they do...
3 years ago Steeple Chase
Any one know of a good source to find Steeple Chase races in VA?
4 years ago Parking 1.5 miles away?!
I attended both days and did not see too much of a problem. Sure seating was very limited but mos...
4 years ago Post all of 3A and 4A races.
Jason, In case no one has thanked you, THANK YOU for posting these races. I work in the motocros...
4 years ago 4A East Regional Heat Sheets
Will heat sheets be made available via MileStat?
4 years ago VA Showcase Splits
Does anyone know if splits were electronically taken and if they will be posted?
4 years ago VA Showcase
Any word from the meet director or Milestat if missing race videos will be post? Or are all races...
4 years ago Stop the Ads
I agree.
4 years ago XC Course Ratings
I do not think you can access the course ratings directly from the menu. The way I find it is as ...
4 years ago XC Course Ratings
Can anyone shed some light on how MileStat determines XC course ratings? The only info on the web...
4 years ago Formatting of Splits
@Crytset Nevermind. Answered my own question. http://va.milesplit.com/articles/193711
4 years ago Formatting of Splits
Would it be possible for the splits of the Milestat Invitational to be posted somewhere other tha...
4 years ago DCXC Times
Seems like a pretty easy thing to figure out for sure. Have someone who lives near the course tak...