• VHSL Conference Championship Central

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  • Noah Lyles Nominated! Vote Here! USA Track & Field - Annual Awards

    Sprints standout Noah Lyles (T.C. Williams) has been nominated as one of the candidates for the USATF Youth Athlete of The Year Award. Vote inside for our local runner! 

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  • If States Were Today pt. 2

    When the first issue of this came out we were over a month away from the state meets. Now we are well under a month and quickly approaching the two and three week marks. Check out how everything is looking right now and how your regions and classifications are shaping up. 

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  • Future Stars Freshmen Boys Team of October

    Check out the 21 top freshmen boys XC performers nationally from the month of October below split into a first, second, and third team of Future Stars. Presented by Hoka One One.

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  • Run Junkie HS: Largest XC Meet in World & Slew of State Meets

    This past weekend the largest XC meet in the world was held and the state meet train is at full blast. Jimmy breaks down an exciting weekend of XC!

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  • Future Stars Freshmen Girls Team of October

    Check out the 21 top freshmen girls XC performers nationally from the month of October below split into a first, second, and third team of Future Stars. Presented by Hoka One One. 

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  • We're Hiring! MileSplit Looking for Next Full-Time National Editor!

    MileSplit.com, Flocasts’ channel dedicated to the 24/7 coverage of high school track and field and cross-country, is seeking a senior national site editor to join our team in Austin, Tx.

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  • Final Week Before The Post-Season Meets on tap

    Though it is a down week before many of the conference meets get going, we still do have a few invitationals and middle school meets that will have big implications for the middle school runners as well as the private school league for post-season competition. Check back all weekend long as we constantly update our site with results and coverage from around the state.

    Nolan Jez - 6 Days Ago - Comment
  • Future Stars Sophomore Girls Team of October

    Each month, MileSplit will be selecting 21 sophomore girls as part of the Future Stars of XC Team presented by Hoka One One building into the end of season team to be finalized in early December. Check out the top sophomore girls XC performers nationally from the month of October split into a first, second, and third team of Future Stars.

    Brandon Miles - 7 Days Ago - 2 Comments
  • Future Stars Sophomore Boys Team of October

    Check out the 21 top sophomore boys XC performers nationally from the second month of cross country (October) split into a first, second, and third team of Future Stars.

    Brandon Miles - 7 Days Ago - Comment
  • The Final Push Before The Post-Season; State Leaderboards

    With Conference meets now upon us and most of the state's top runners in tip-top shape it is time to look at the leaderboards again to see how things are looking with only three weeks until the State Championships. 

    Nolan Jez - Last Week - Comment
  • Post-Pre-Nats ALumni Report

    With school back in session and NCAA Pre-Nationals taking place, our weekly Alumni report this week is very filled. Check out inside to see how your runners did in the collegiate ranks. 

    Nolan Jez - Last Week - Comment
  • 10 Largest Schools in VA, Some Will Surprise You

    Have you ever wondered what the largest school is in the state of Virginia or how they size up against other schools? Milestat did the research for you and using the wonderful internet we found the largest schools in the state based on numbers from this decade. 

    Nolan Jez - Last Week - 4 Comments
  • Blazing Times At The Right Time; 3rd Battle Recap

    If this meet is known for one thing it would be fast times. This meet flat out produced some of the most impressive times of the season and also showed us a lot of the talent our state has going into the post season. Headling this talent were two of our state's biggest stars, Weini Kelati (Heritage) and Andrew Hunter (Loudoun Valley) who ran away with their races in very fast times. Kelati won her race in 17:31 while Hunter made quick work of his race by breaking his own course record by 30 seconds to run 14:54. 

    Nolan Jez - Last Week - 1 Comments
  • Run Junkie HS: NXN News, College Commits, & Championship Season Ahead

    Jimmy gives the low down on all the XC action across America.

    Jimmy Stevenson - Last Week - 1 Comments
  • Perfect Weather and Great Teams Led To a Great Meet; MileStat.com Invitational Recap

    This past weekend we hosted the largest MileStat Invitational to date! With well over 2,000 athletes and 80+ teams, it was a huge success. Big thanks of course to all those that attended and helped make this meet a special one. Enough of the small talk, let's get to the action. 

    Nolan Jez - Last Week - Comment
  • The Big Three Stay Undefeated, Tally 15 Titles On The Season

    With arguably one of the largest invitationals of the year happening this weekend we were bound to have great stories. Aside from all those, we also had some blazing performances at the Third Battle Invitational up in Winchester as well. Check here to see how some of the state's best runners did this past weekend. 

    Nolan Jez - Last Week - 5 Comments
  • 4,100+ Photos! MileStat.com XC Invitational by Tom Veazey

    MileStat's Tom Veazey was out and on the course getting great shots both at the 1 Mile mark and at the 4000m mark. In just those two spots, Tom was able to shoot well over 4,000 photos. That means on average he got at least two pictures of every single athlete competing! Check out your pictures here. 

    Nolan Jez - Last Week - Comment
  • Vote Here! 7 Best Performances of The Weekend 10/18

    There were countless amazing performances this past weekend. MileStat chose 7 of the best ones, we want you to decide the best. Check insisde to hear about these performances and let us know what you think. 

    Nolan Jez - Last Week - Comment
  • 14:54 by Hunter and 17:31 by Kelati! The Stats Say It all

    MileStat had coverage all across the state and we definitely had some awesome performances too. Check out the top performers from across the state and all the coverage we had inside! 

    Nolan Jez - Last Week - Comment
  • Thousands of Photos! MileStat.com XC Invite by Mary Ann Magnant

    You probably saw her running around and that would be because she was doing that all day getting thousands of photos of warm-ups, the finish, and in race action. Check them all out inside. 

    Nolan Jez - Last Week - Comment
  • It's Called A Home-Meet for A Reason; Blacksburg Invitational Recap

    Clouds, cool temperatures, and relentless wind welcomed 20 schools from central and southwestern Virginia to the Blacksburg Invite. New school construction, that concluded in 2013, erased the existing cross country course so this Invite represented only the second 5k competition held on its demanding, hilly trails. Competitors at early October’s Metro Conference meet characterized the course as both scenic and challenging. 

    Jennie Hodge - Last Week - Comment
  • Watch Peter Seufer Wins Over Tough Field In VA #4 15:30 PR!

    With over 2,500 athletes competing, there could only be one runner who can truly say they were the fastest... and that was E.C. Glass' Peter Seufer and Libby Davidson. Check out those videos and more inside here! 

    Nolan Jez - Last Week - Comment
  • Run The Vote: Reminder Ballots Due Sunday 11:59pm!

    This is everyone's bi-weekly reminder that ballots will be due for our first ever subjective rankings this Sunday evening. 

    Nolan Jez - Last Week - 2 Comments
  • HillToppers' Duo Reign Supreme! Seufer and Davidson Dominate MileStat Invite

    It is finally here! The 2014 installment of the MileStat.com XC Invitational. This year we have some of the best teams and individuals in the entire country running at our meet. Check out all our coverage and much more inside! 

    Nolan Jez - Last Week - 1 Comments
  • LIVE RESULTS! MileStat.com XC Invitational

    This weekend MileStat will not only have unprecedented coverage from Pole Green Park but we will also have Live Results! Check them out here all day as they are updated to include all races and even your 1 and 2 mile splits. 

    Nolan Jez - Last Week - Comment
  • Vote Here! Pre-MileStat XC Invite Polls

    This weekend is going to be exciting! We want to know who you think will win and how fast those winners will be tomorrow! Vote Inside. 

    Nolan Jez - Last Week - Comment
  • MileStat.com XC Invitational All-Time Top 50

    The MileStat.com XC Invitational, founded around having the best of the best compete, has done just that over the past few seasons. Check out the top performances all-time from the annual invitational. 

    Nolan Jez - Last Week - Comment
  • Rocktoberfest Virtual Meets

    This weekend there will be more then just the MileStat.com XC Invite happening. One of the coolest meets in the entire state actually will also be run, and that is the Running with the wolves, Roctoberfest Invite. Check out the virtual meets for it inside. 

    Nolan Jez - Last Week - Comment
  • Will Sophie Chase's Meet Record Fall? MileStat.com XC Invite Preview: Girls Indiv.

    The girls top race is going to be awesome. Though if you were hoping for a very close finish like the boys we are sorry to dissappoint you but we have Libby Davidson here this week. Aside from Libby, we are going to get a good show from quite a few girls all within the top 25 in the state.

    Nolan Jez - Last Week - Comment
  • Are We In Store For Another Photo Finish? MileStat.Com XC Invite Preview: Boys Indiv.

    This could very well be the biggest and best collection of runners our meet has ever seen. We have almost 20 of the top 50 runners competing here and that isn't including Lake Braddock's boys who all ranked very highly. With such great runners you are almost guarenteed fast times but that doesn't always produce great races. In our case though, it does. 

    Nolan Jez - 2 Weeks Ago - Comment
  • Will The Meet Records Fall Again? Third Battle Meet Preview

    The Third Battle Invitational began in 2010. The first years of the invitational have seen fast times and great finishes. Many of the top finishers have gone on to become All-State, state champions, and even Foot Locker Finalists. This year is no difference with a strong field featuring some of the very best athletes in the state. 

    Nolan Jez - 2 Weeks Ago - 2 Comments
  • Meet of Champions? MileStat.com XC Invitational Team Preview

    Only one word can really sum up the team competition for this year's meet, stacked. Not only on the girls side but on the boys side as well. In both races we will have at least 10 of the top 20 teams in the state, no other meet can say that they truly bring the best of the best quite like the MileStat.com XC Invitational. Now that you clearly know this is going to be one heck of a meet, let's meet the top teams. 

    Nolan Jez - 2 Weeks Ago - 5 Comments
  • Nike Cross Nationals is Moving to New Course!

    Since 2004 the Nike Cross Nationals has brought the fastest high school cross country teams and athletes in the country to Portland, Oregon to compete for the ultimate prize – a national championship. In its 11th year, the Nike Cross Nationals will be contested for the first time ever at Glendoveer Golf Course.

    - 2 Weeks Ago - 1 Comments
  • Meets on Tap This Weekend: Coverage for MileStat and Third Battle

    With the 2014 MileStat.com XC Invitational being this week, you could probably already guess we will quite the list of on-site coverage this weekend. At the MileStat.com XC Invitational we will have video coverage of every race, interviews with all the race winners, thousands of photos and much more! Be sure to check out all the previews we have posted and will post to know everything about this mega-meet. We will also have Lisa McArthur covering the Third Battle alongside Tim Dillistin who will be tweeting us as much as he can throughout the meet. 

    Nolan Jez - 2 Weeks Ago - Comment
  • Virginia High School Alumni Report 10/15/14

    In a somewhat off-week, where there were few invitationals due to college's fall breaks, Virginia still had quite a few impressive performances happen by our alumni runners. Check out how these Virginia high school alumni did.  

    Nolan Jez - 2 Weeks Ago - Comment
  • Blacksburg Girls are Rising out of the South

    Latest Saucony Flo50 girls team rankings as of October 13th.

    Brandon Miles - 2 Weeks Ago - Comment
  • Should This Even Be Allowed?

    After only two weeks of practice, six very talented freshman at the University of Tennessee were cut from the team. This came only weeks after the new coach, Alford-Sullivan, had openly praised the freshman recruiting class that she had inherited from previous coaches. With this news, and the realization that this type of thing happens often in the collegiate ranks, the questions arises- should this even be allowed? 

    Nolan Jez - 2 Weeks Ago - 7 Comments
  • MileStat.Com XC Invitationals Race Divisions Announced

    We are excited to announce the race assignments for the 2014 MileStat.com XC Invitational. Check out inside what division your team is in and who your competition is!

    Nolan Jez - 2 Weeks Ago - Comment
  • Run Junkie HS: Manhattan, Cali battle, debuts!

    MileSplit got the juice coast to coast this past weekend, which included some stellar performances as some of the nation's best went head to head.

    Jimmy Stevenson - 2 Weeks Ago - 1 Comments
  • Virginia's Top 50 Girls Individual Rankings

    In complete opposite fashion from the boys, the girls rankings feature five 3A athletes, two 4A athletes and a home schooled athlete all in the top 10. Not to mention of those top 10, five are returning for another two years! Leading the way for these girls are the two undefeated Libby Davidson (E.C. Glass) and Weini Kelati (Heritage). Just the two of them have taken home these titles: Great American, Knights Crossing, Loudoun County Championships, Oatlands, Manhatten, DCXC, and Adidas to name a few. Though the boys list has some interesting things to look at for where the times were ran, the real take-a-way from this top 50 list is just how young these girls are. Take a look and see how many girls are coming back next year!

    Nolan Jez - 2 Weeks Ago - Comment
  • Virginia's Top 50 Individual Boys Rankings

    In quite the contrarian way, the boys top 50 this week is night and day different from the girls rankings. Aside from a select few near the top, this list is almost completely populated by athletes in the 6A and 5A classification. Most of which are also from the Northern Region... I know, shocker. What is great about this list though is you can see where everyone stands as of right now and see that some of these athletes are sticking low under the radar.

    Nolan Jez - 2 Weeks Ago - Comment
  • Virginia's Midseason Hoka OneOne Underclassmen Boys Watchlist

    Now that we are half-way through the 2014 XC season it is time to look at the top young stars of our sport this year. Here are your top ten future stars for Virginia's Hoka OneOne Watchlist. 

    Nolan Jez - 2 Weeks Ago - 1 Comments
  • Nearly 4,000 Photos! Glory Days Grill Invitational Featured Gallery by LisaMcArthur

    Check out our nearly 4,000 photos taken by Lisa McArthur out in the muddy and wet conditions this past weekend at Glory Days Grill Invitational. 

    Nolan Jez - 3 Weeks Ago - Comment
  • Thousands of Photos! Albemarle Invitational by Mary Ann Magnant

    Check out Mary Ann Magnant's thousands of awesome pictures from this weekend's Albemarle Invitational. These include candid warmup pictures and many in race pictures throughout the course. 

    Nolan Jez - 3 Weeks Ago - Comment

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