Weini Kelati 16:08 National 5K Record!

Photo by: Kyle Brazeil 

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From the second Weini crossed the line at Foot Locker Nationals her and her coach were ready for a huge indoor season. After having dealt with injuries at Foot Locker they were ready to break everything down and start from scratch and actually run as fast as she was capable of going. 

This Friday she did just that as she blazed the Armory Track in 16:08 to set a new high school national record. That record also breaks the VA overall 5K state record regardless of season. Needless to say it was the greatest 5K run indoors ever for high schoolers.

The more impressive thing was how she did it. Her splits were: 36-37-35-37-37-36-37-38-37-38-38-39-40-37-39-40-38-38-40-41-41-40-41 and closed roughly in the same pace. She went through 1K at 3:03, a mile at 4:56 and two miles at 10:07! She also lapped three quarters of the field but still was able to hold on for the national record by just a couple seconds. 

When asked if she would utilize the same strategy in the deuce Sunday she said had to because she didn't want another disappointment like her 9:16 3K... that's right. She was disappointed by a US #3 all-time and rightfully so. She is fast and wants to go down as the greatest ever and this weekend she has begun to solidify that fact. 

Check out her full interview after the race here: