Young Talent Propels Thomas Dale into National Spotlight

Thomas Dale has had its fair share of talented athletes over the years. This year and next though it seems like they are more than just an athlete or two. At New Balance Outdoor Nationals this year they rose to a new level by winning the EE 4x100 on the boys side (42.00) and placing second on the girls side. They also had Chris Tyree take home the frosh boys 100 in 10.98 and of course had Titiana Marsh doing her thing. 

Marsh launched herself to a third place in the long jump and national jumper-up spot int he triple. These jumps mark her third and fourth competitions at nationals and also her third and fourth time finishing as an All-American. 

They return a whole lot of talent next year and for that reason you should definitely be keeping an eye on this team loaded with young talent and ready to step up when it matters most.