Preseason Top 5 Team Countdown: #5

The thing that makes XC the best season for many is the undeniable team aspect of the sport. Though you can win national titles and state titles all while setting records as an individual, it truly takes five guys or girls to bring home a team trophy in cross country. 

Below is just the start of our very competitive top fives. Check them all out over the coming weeks. 

Boys' Team #5 - Lake Braddock Secondary

Lake Braddock may have dominated 6A for quite some time and the entire state but this year it will be a dogfight for them to make it to states. Though that is true, it is also true that they will bring a solid and veteran lineup to Great Meadow this year and in our book are the odds on favorite for the 6A team crown. Don't count out this squad especially considering their third best guy was an individual state champion in track! 

Top Returners and State-wide rankings

Lake Braddock
1) Tyler Lawson15:50.0018
2) Edward Cerne16:32.9087
3) Andrew Delvecchio16:32.9088
4) Brendan Morgan16:55.00154
5) Jacob Howard17:16.90262
Average Time: 16:37.54 Total Time: 1:23:07.70 1-5 Split: 1:26.90
6) Ian Haukdal17:18.00275
7) Joshua Buontempo17:22.00300

Girls' Team #5: George C. Marshall  

On the girls' side of things its Heather Holt and GCM leading the way into our top five countdown.Though they sit at fifth now, with just one improvement they will be arguably the best team in the state. That improvement they are looking for is that fifth spot that they need to shore up. Whether it is with Rachel or someone else, if they find a fifth woman for this team then you can expect a very and solid team. 

Top Returners and State-wide Rankings

George C. Marshall (VA)494
1) Heather Holt16:56.001
2) Ava Bir18:36.8017
3) Sophie E Tedesco19:06.3047
4) Natalie M Bardach19:16.4061
5) Rachel McFaul20:57.40368
Average Time: 18:58.58 Total Time: 1:34:52.90 1-5 Split: 4:01.40
6) Tatiana A Kennedy21:35.00496
7) Anastasia G Schlechty21:43.00530