Looking Ahead to Next Year's New 6 Class System: Sectionals Preview

If next year's new 6 class system was used a year early this spring, two of Virginia's swiftest in Oscar Smith senior Michael Cherry and Forest Park junior Mustaqeem Williams would have been facing off potentially before the state meet in a 6A South sectional meet.

There are no actual sectional meets this week, but around this time next year, there will be a much different look to Virginia high school track & field as a new grouping of teams will compete against one another in the final qualifier meet before the state championship track meets. Using the MileStat.com database and the virtual meet preview feature of this outdoor season's stats, we can take a hypothetical look at those 12 sectional meets will look like within the new 6 classification system to be implemented for the 2013-2014 school year. These virtual meet previews include the class of 2013 athletes, but you can filter out this year's graduating seniors to start looking ahead to next year.


Boys Sectional Previews (2013-2014 School Alignment)

1A: East Sectional - West Sectional

2A: East Sectional - West Sectional

3A: East Sectional - West Sectional

4A: North Sectional - South Sectional

5A: North Sectional - South Sectional

6A: North Sectional - South Sectional