Poll: Who Will Perform The Best at NBN 2014 for VA?

Below are the candidates, their rankings, and bits of insight into why they are on this list. This poll is not only for those who are likely to win titles but for those who have a chance at producing impressive times and marks that set records and have historical importance. To vote please read the choices and vote below. You may also participate and have your tweets featured on this page by using the hashtag #MileStatPoll


Candidates: (random order)


1. Western Branch Girls' Shuttle Hurdle Relay Team

- Comprised of Milan Parks, Irielle Little, Funlayo Oluwole, and Faith Ross. Currently ranked 4th, 6th, 8th, and 50th in the US. 

- 2012 champions and HS Armory record holders at 32.41

- Serious contender to win and set national high school record, 32.02 set in 1999. 


2. Blacksburg Boys' 4x800 Relay Team

- Comprised of Kenneth Hagen, Michael Carter, Flip Bishop, and Jacob McCoy

- Current US #1 at 7:44.52

- Serious contender to win, possibility of breaking Albemarle's US record (7:36.99)

- Kenneth Hagen is US #5 in the 1000, Jacob McCoy is US #36 in 1000


3. Chantel Ray of Hampton in the 60m Hurdles

- Current US #1 in 55m Hurdles at 7.90

- Current US #2 in 60m Hurdles at 8.37 (only run it once this season)

- VA All Time #1 in 60m Hurdles

- Serious contender, Dior Hall is main competition, National Record (8.16) has strong likelihood of falling


4. Grant Holloway of Grassfield in the 60m Hurdles

- Current US #1 in 55m Hurdles at 7.28

- Usually competes in upwards of 4 or 5 events and is focusing on this

- Consistently running elite times


5. Lee Warren of Lee Davis in the 60m Hurdles

- Current US #3 in 55m Hurdles at 7.33

- Beat US #1 head to head at VA Meet of Champions

- Favors longer hurdle races and has been consistently improving, peaking at the end of the season


6. Steven Dunbar of Tallwood in High Jump

- Current US #2 at 7-1

- Serious contender for title, favorite amongst competitors

- Running/Jumping in fewer events and has a serious chance to focus on this event, National record is 7-5.25


7. Caroline Alcorta of West Springfield in the 2 Mile

- Current US #2 in 3200 at 10:22.29 (most would say this was not even near full speed)

- Serious contender for title, Meet Record is 9:56.85

- Not running Mile to focus on this event


8. John Warren of Prince George in the Triple Jump

- Current US #1 at 51-3

- Serious contender to win title, chase Armory HS record of 51-6.5

- Also has a chance to move up All-Time best list


9. Ellison Grove of Battlefield in the 800

- Current US #2 in 500 at 1:14.07, only behind Mary Cain (1:58.51 pace)

- Current US #9 in 1000 at 2:53.53 (2:18 pace)

- Serious contender, 2:01.80 is National Record 

- Very hungry after the state meet


10. Western Branch Girls' Sprint Medley Relay

- Comprised of Milan Parks, Funlayo Oluwole, Faith Ross, and Ebony White

- Team has VA #1 4x200 (1:42.44), VA #1 4x400 (3:55.27), VA #2 4x800 (9:20.06)

- Ross and White rank as US #8 and US #10 in the 500


11. Blacksburg Girls' 4xMile Relay

- Comprised of Bonnie Angermeier, Jennifer Fleming, Emily Beatty, and Claire Ewing-Nelson

- Runners currently rank VA #5, #8, #11, #15 in 1600

- These runners have doubled many times, they should be very rested coming into this race

- Serious competitors and possibility of chasing 19.59.24 National Record