10 Things We Took Away From States

Here are 10 things we took away from the 2014 State Cross Country Meet. Check out these and tell us what you think we missed too! 


10. They Should Have Cut The Grass Even Lower!

Photo by: Jon Fleming

If you did not get a chance to be out on the course then you may have not known that the grass was cut short this year. We are not sure why they decided to cut the grass, especially in the first 400m, this short but boy did it help! We had some of the fastest races in history, well technically the fastest races in history on both the boys and girls side. Maybe they should keep cutting the grass even shorter and who knows, maybe soon enough we can get them to rubberize the entire course!? All joking aside, whatever the grounds crew did this year definitely played a part in these performances despite the very frigid conditions.