Nike SE Region Entries

Footlocker isn't the only race going on this weekend! We have the luxury in Virginia of not only having some of the best individual athletes in the entire nation but also some of the best teams. We have nearly five teams with legit shots at making NXN this year! Check out all the entries to see who is going where.

Photo by: John Herzog

Nike Southeast Region Entries


Myriam Alvarez Ave Maria XC
Caitie Faust Ave Maria XC
Morgan Ilse Ave Maria XC
Kendall Nelson Ave Maria XC
Marlaina Schwab Ave Maria XC
Myriam Shehata Ave Maria XC
Josie Wirtz Ave Maria XC
Caroline Beakes B-CC Running Club
Katherine Ellis B-CC Running Club
Abby Fry B-CC Running Club
Abigail Levine B-CC Running Club
Kat McNeill B-CC Running Club
Nora McUmber B-CC Running Club
Bonnie Angermeier Blacksburg
Emily Beatty Blacksburg
Annie Kay Combs Blacksburg
Jennifer Fleming Blacksburg
Olivia Hodge  Blacksburg
Samantha Marin Blacksburg
Mikayla Richardson Blacksburg
Nicole Egan Brentsville District 
Rachel Landry Brentsville District 
Allison Rice Brentsville District 
Katherine  Samsky   Brentsville District 
Olivia Simmons Brentsville District 
Maddie Stanley   Brentsville District 
Sarah Wright   Brentsville District 
Caitlin  Collier Bulldog Cross Country Club 
Suzanne Dannheim Bulldog Cross Country Club 
Ashley DeHechavarria Bulldog Cross Country Club 
Allison Hajda Bulldog Cross Country Club 
Aoife O' Riordan  Bulldog Cross Country Club 
Annie Pentaleri Bulldog Cross Country Club 
Rachel  Shapiro Bulldog Cross Country Club 
Brittany  Wilkinson Bulldog Cross Country Club 
Mackenzie Wilson Bulldog Cross Country Club 
Ayla  Gizlice Capitals XC Club
Kingsley Green Catorce Zapatos
Kyla Resnick Catorce Zapatos
Emily Kaplan DC Wolfpack
Michaela Kirvan DC Wolfpack
Margaret Lindsay DC Wolfpack
Elle Lynott DC Wolfpack
Sophia Morris DC Wolfpack
Grace  Ryan DC Wolfpack
Cassia Torczon DC Wolfpack
Sofia Alfieri Force XC
Silvana Alfieri Force XC
Erin Jackson Force XC
Sydney Kriner Force XC
Emily Martin Force XC
Casey Moore Force XC
Caroline Subramoney Force XC
Abbey Fisher Fort Myers Elite
Krissy Gear Fort Myers Elite
Taylor Morrello Fort Myers Elite
Sidney Oakes-Lottridge Fort Myers Elite
Avery Scrabis Fort Myers Elite
Mallory Towe Fort Myers Elite
Amber Winton Fort Myers Elite
Marissa  Bishop Gibbons Distance Club
Abby  Doyle Gibbons Distance Club
Sophie  Ebihara Gibbons Distance Club
Annie  Pierce Gibbons Distance Club
Alina  Rovnak Gibbons Distance Club
Megan  Vaughn Gibbons Distance Club
Amanda  Wiggenhorn Gibbons Distance Club
Kristin  Meek Griffin Track Club
Amelia Baran Houston Track Club
Ella Baran Houston Track Club
Marah Barnhart Houston Track Club
Maddie Lindemann Houston Track Club
Shian Mallory Houston Track Club
Kathryn Peterson Houston Track Club
Emma Reed Houston Track Club
Sonya Butseva Lake Braddock XC Club
Sarah Daniels Lake Braddock XC Club
Daly Ferguson Lake Braddock XC Club
Taylor Kitchen Lake Braddock XC Club
Kate Murphy Lake Braddock XC Club
Sarah Riley Lake Braddock XC Club
Madison Tippet Lake Braddock XC Club
Sophie Beavin Louisville Track Club
Meghan Carrico Louisville Track Club
Sarah Crawford Louisville Track Club
Maggie Kaelin Louisville Track Club
Sydney Larkin Louisville Track Club
Lisi Spence Louisville Track Club
Abbie Wright Louisville Track Club
Jordan Burgess McDonogh Eagles
Taylor Hare McDonogh Eagles
Avery  Hoeltin McDonogh Eagles
Katie Kaiser McDonogh Eagles
Noemie  Noullet McDonogh Eagles
Sophia Rosman McDonogh Eagles
Maggie Seybold McDonogh Eagles
A'ishah Bakayoko Mighty Hoppers of DC
Isabel Boyer Mighty Hoppers of DC
Sarah Pillard Mighty Hoppers of DC
Ana Sosa-Ebert Mighty Hoppers of DC
Katherine Treanor Mighty Hoppers of DC
Katlyn  Haas Morristown Trail Runners West 
Makenzie Jones Morristown Trail Runners West 
Maggie  Layer Morristown Trail Runners West 
Elizabeth  Liposky Morristown Trail Runners West 
Jessica  Lord Morristown Trail Runners West 
Chantal  Wilson Morristown Trail Runners West 
Cherie  Wilson Morristown Trail Runners West 
Claire DiBella Oakdale Running Club
Jamie Farley Oakdale Running Club
Makenna Gudat Oakdale Running Club
Anna Hartman Oakdale Running Club
Sarah Heiland Oakdale Running Club
Charlotte Kowalk Oakdale Running Club
Alexa Tarzy Oakdale Running Club
Jill Bracaglia Oakton
Kira Buttrey Oakton
Casey Kendall Oakton
Kara Kendall Oakton
Allie  Klimkiewicz Oakton
Thi Nguyen Oakton
Leya  Salis Oakton
Julia Montgomery Panther Nation
Amanda Schwartz Panther Nation
Mahlet Yared Panther Nation
Tsion  Yared Panther Nation
Madhere Yared Panther Nation
Rafella Gibbons Park TC 
Hana  Herndon Park TC 
Elizabeth  Jenkins  Park TC 
Katherine  Kuhn  Park TC 
Maddison  Larabee Park TC 
Emily  Nix  Park TC 
Melanie  White  Park TC 
Julia  Reicin Potomac Running Club
Lucy  Srour Potomac Running Club
Alexis Veizis Potomac Running Club
Johanna Admiraal T3 Run Cross Country Club
Isabella Chestney T3 Run Cross Country Club
Sidney Conboy T3 Run Cross Country Club
Emily Melia T3 Run Cross Country Club
Sally Mercer T3 Run Cross Country Club
Lauren Miller T3 Run Cross Country Club
Mattie Wasiak T3 Run Cross Country Club
Hannah Apostolico The Creek XC Club
Jill Ciritella The Creek XC Club
Lydia Olivere The Creek XC Club
Maddie Olivere The Creek XC Club
Emily Paolucci The Creek XC Club
Regan Robertson The Creek XC Club
Erin Spadaccini The Creek XC Club
Caroline Daniel The Long Green Line
Reagan Freeman The Long Green Line
Emily  Jenkins The Long Green Line
Elizabeth  Singleton The Long Green Line
Claire Smith  The Long Green Line
Abby Sparrow The Long Green Line
Caroline Archer Unattached
Hannah Brookover Unattached
Maria Carberry Unattached
Claire Cheeseman Unattached
Chloe  Cox Unattached
Claudia Cox Unattached
Taylor Cuneo Unattached
Tasha Freed Unattached
Carina Garcia Unattached
Chloe  Gastright Unattached
Natalie Gradwohl Unattached
Rebekah Greengrass Unattached
Khalilah Hamer Unattached
Amelie Harpey Unattached
Meg Helton Unattached
Meredith  Helton Unattached
Hailey Hendry Unattached
Hayley Jackson Unattached
Natalia  Jacobo Unattached
Candace Jones Unattached
Brianna Koshy Unattached
Isabella  Lackner Unattached
Olivia  Lackner Unattached
Katie Macturk Unattached
Doria Martingayle Unattached
Mary Katherine Mastaler Unattached
Rachel McArthur Unattached
Mary "Molly" Mearns Unattached
Emily Mulhern Unattached
Michaela R. Peterson Unattached
Abby  Pinto Unattached
Gabrielle Rayner Unattached
Michaela Reinhart Unattached
Mary Grace Strozier Unattached
Bridgette Sullivan Unattached
Serena  Tripodi Unattached
Sophia West Unattached
Abigail Wied Unattached
Lindsay Yentz Unattached
Meg Buechler Valkyrie Athletics
Lillie Neltner Valkyrie Athletics
Abby  Reburn Valkyrie Athletics
Clare  Schrodt Valkyrie Athletics
Samantha Simms Valkyrie Athletics
Kathleen  Simms Valkyrie Athletics
Caroline Tafel Valkyrie Athletics
Cate Ambrose Warrior Track Club 
Jessie Crowley Warrior Track Club 
Ashley Fallow Warrior Track Club 
Mikie Harris Warrior Track Club 
Carter Marchbanks Warrior Track Club 
Abigail Smith Warrior Track Club 
Emma  Spencer Warrior Track Club 
Lexi King WaxhawTC
Morgan Adams Western Cary XC Club
Theresa Enright Western Cary XC Club
Kayla Hall Western Cary XC Club
Elly  Henes Western Cary XC Club
Emily Jordan Western Cary XC Club
Samantha Kolor Western Cary XC Club
Elisa Sargent Western Cary XC Club
Martina Savage Western Cary XC Club
Sarah Taylor Western Cary XC Club
Katie Tomasi Western Cary XC Club
Sheridan Wood Western Cary XC Club
Melanie Cirillo Wildcat Running
Jasmine Garrett Wildcat Running
Abby Green Wildcat Running
Sadie Keller Wildcat Running
Katriane Kirsch Wildcat Running
Emily Murphy  Wildcat Running
Janet Scott Wildcat Running
Caroline Foley Wilmington XC
Quinn Teklits Wilmington XC




Liz Blair Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Mattie Burris Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Kelly Croonquist Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Sheila Ford Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Rachel Mutzabaugh Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Gwen Pattison Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Marie Caspard B-CC Running Club
Jane Griffin B-CC Running Club
Madison Silver B-CC Running Club
Sarah Ward B-CC Running Club
Eliza Caperton Berkeley Springs
Haleigh Fields Berkeley Springs
Stephanie Golden Berkeley Springs
Amanda Lupton Berkeley Springs
Cierra McDaniel Berkeley Springs
Kinsey Reed Berkeley Springs
Keri  Shetler Berkeley Springs
Lizzie Dunsmore Blacksburg
Ailene Edwards Blacksburg
Emily Fitch Blacksburg
Simonne  Guenette Blacksburg
Amanda Huang Blacksburg
Mary Kate Lattimer Blacksburg
Julia  Lattimer Blacksburg
Sophia Link Blacksburg
Eden Elizabeth Phillips Blacksburg
Aarati  Pokhard Blacksburg
Marhaid Preston Blacksburg
Catherine Sheen Blacksburg
Brooke Stephenson Blacksburg
Emma Stowe Blacksburg
Eliza  Stowe Blacksburg
Molly Teller Blacksburg
Lily Zhu Blacksburg
Taylor Bunn Bulldog Cross Country Club 
Peyton  Cochran Bulldog Cross Country Club 
Anna Csikai Bulldog Cross Country Club 
Rawan  Farah Bulldog Cross Country Club 
Grace Gronvold Bulldog Cross Country Club 
Hana Hajda Bulldog Cross Country Club 
Shannon McGrane Bulldog Cross Country Club 
Maeve O' Riordan Bulldog Cross Country Club 
Erica Tebbs Bulldog Cross Country Club 
Margaret Chapman Capitals XC Club
Hannah Biener Force XC
Madeleine Delbeau Force XC
Emma Herdman Force XC
Olivia Herdman Force XC
Jenny Lombardo Force XC
Helen Mae Lynch Force XC
Siobhan Mangan Force XC
Danielle Martin Force XC
Emily Ritter Force XC
Jordyn Schrader Force XC
Helen Xu Force XC
Anna  Renko Gibbons Distance Club
Maria Andrade Griffin Track Club
Julie Ciociola Griffin Track Club
Julia Clark Griffin Track Club
Dorrie  Gaeng Griffin Track Club
Brynn Jones Griffin Track Club
Jessica Meek Griffin Track Club
Clark Rachel Griffin Track Club
Carly  Sniffen Griffin Track Club
Kelsey Talley Griffin Track Club
Molly Turlington Griffin Track Club
Luanne Zimmerman Griffin Track Club
Briana Landis K-Town Runners
Alexandria Petty K-Town Runners
Aliie Renteria K-Town Runners
Sara Gregg Lake Braddock XC Club
Madeline McAvoy Lake Braddock XC Club
Brielle Perry Lake Braddock XC Club
Ally Robinson Lake Braddock XC Club
Emily Schiesl Lake Braddock XC Club
Emma Baron Louisville Track Club
Madison Browning Louisville Track Club
McKenzie Browning Louisville Track Club
Isabel Caddo Louisville Track Club
Madison Malloy Louisville Track Club
Merritt Nall Louisville Track Club
Molly O'Dea Louisville Track Club
May Robison Mighty Hoppers of DC
Sarah Shine Mighty Hoppers of DC
Emily Lord Morristown Trail Runners West 
Jordan Arian-Nejad REZZI DISTANCE
Natalie Perkins REZZI DISTANCE
Emily Eastman T3 Run Cross Country Club
Julie Mangano T3 Run Cross Country Club
Emily  Balestrieri The Creek XC Club
Ellie  Callaghan The Creek XC Club
Mary Kate Higley The Creek XC Club
Bridget Hughes The Creek XC Club
Julianna LeNoir The Creek XC Club
Mary Catherine LeNoir The Creek XC Club
Abbey Macha The Creek XC Club
Ashley Macha The Creek XC Club
Laura Orth The Creek XC Club
Jordan Sobolesky  The Creek XC Club
Emma Spadaccini The Creek XC Club
Victoria  Steinhoff The Creek XC Club
Madeline Tullier The Creek XC Club
Alexa Crowell Unattached
Haley Hough Unattached
Lauren Hughes Unattached
Nicole Ihrie Unattached
Shannon Kane Unattached
Jessica Leser Unattached
Marianna Ligon Unattached
Caitlyn Morton Unattached
Erin  O'Connor  Unattached
Clare Posey Unattached
Haley Sheehan Unattached
Madeline Wright Unattached
Lindsey  Harrison WaxhawTC
Kylie Hennessey WaxhawTC
Melanie Hussey WaxhawTC
Jennae  Jacob WaxhawTC
Graziana Mangione WaxhawTC
Nicole Renwick WaxhawTC
Allie Haddon Western Cary XC Club
Lauren McLaughlin Western Cary XC Club
Hannah Stafford Western Cary XC Club
Katie Surratt Western Cary XC Club
Elizabeth Surratt Western Cary XC Club
Julianna Barry Wilmington XC
Emilie Ginn Wilmington XC
Olivia Hardin Wilmington XC
Victoria Kang Wilmington XC
Sara Li Wilmington XC
Caroline Silverman Wilmington XC
Ellen Zammarchi Wilmington XC




Gabbi Bock Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Halley Dillenbeck Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Ryann Helmers Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Kenzie Lloyd Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Rachel  Lloyd Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Emma Weaver Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Jenn Wendelken Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Jordan  Bridges Gibbons Distance Club
Hayden  Callahan Gibbons Distance Club
Whitney  Miles Gibbons Distance Club
Grace Grogan Griffin Track Club
Cortney Crump Louisville Track Club
Lauryn Grady Louisville Track Club
Nicole Grendi Louisville Track Club
Katherine Harrod Louisville Track Club
Lacy Magre Louisville Track Club
Sarah Michels Louisville Track Club
Rachel O'Bryan Louisville Track Club
Ally Priebe Louisville Track Club
Allie Thomas Louisville Track Club
Sarah Whalen Louisville Track Club
Emily Wiegel Louisville Track Club
Halli Wilkinson Louisville Track Club
Ana  Hernandez Morristown Trail Runners West 
Abby Mitchell Morristown Trail Runners West 
Grace Purgason Morristown Trail Runners West 
Dani Brandon Unattached
Catherine Cambon Unattached
Katie Kent Unattached
Zoe Otto Unattached
Gwyneth Reece Unattached
Mary Tuman Unattached
Shelby  Woods Unattached




Jack Bailey Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Zach Gentry Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Ben Gersbach Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Thomas Jackson Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Dave  Kwiatkowski Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Will Law Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Hunter Lund Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Sam Baker B-CC Running Club
Robert Chance B-CC Running Club
Josh Fry B-CC Running Club
Sebastian Jones B-CC Running Club
Dylan Kannapell B-CC Running Club
Philippe Masson B-CC Running Club
Christian O'Brien B-CC Running Club
Joshua  Evans Birmingham Cross Country
Jonathan Harvey Birmingham Cross Country
Joe Leventry Birmingham Cross Country
John McCrackin Birmingham Cross Country
Tommy McDonough Birmingham Cross Country
John Paul Rumore Birmingham Cross Country
Carson  Tullo Birmingham Cross Country
Noah Combs Blacksburg
Matthew Conner Blacksburg
Ben Fleming Blacksburg
Barrett Lattimer Blacksburg
Jacob McCoy Blacksburg
Siddharth  Nathella Blacksburg
Sam Teller Blacksburg
Nicholas Broemmel Brentsville District 
Mason King Brentsville District 
Tomek Marciniak Brentsville District 
Jack McNally Brentsville District 
Connor Prosser Brentsville District 
Robert Theimer Brentsville District 
Jacob Willis Brentsville District 
Waqqas  Fazili Brentwood XC Club
Gavin  Hasty Brentwood XC Club
Brodey Hasty Brentwood XC Club
Ryan Lee Brentwood XC Club
Francois Llorens Brentwood XC Club
Chase Puskar Brentwood XC Club
Taylor Vroon Brentwood XC Club
Zac Barton Broadneck XC
Ben Eckley Broadneck XC
Andrew Stag Broadneck XC
Sam  Taylor Broadneck XC
Will Tilghman Broadneck XC
Michael Weber Broadneck XC
Ryan  Brown Capitals XC Club
Jeremy Brown Capitals XC Club
Lanier Derbyshire Capitals XC Club
Justin Dorner Thomas Capitals XC Club
Peter Millsaps Capitals XC Club
William Sandin Capitals XC Club
Robbie  Simmons Capitals XC Club
Blake Beavers Catorce Zapatos
Nicholas Cooke Catorce Zapatos
Sam Donley Catorce Zapatos
Brian Matthews Catorce Zapatos
Michael Perona Catorce Zapatos
Marc Reiser Catorce Zapatos
Parker Wall Catorce Zapatos
Evan Benjamin Chesterfield XC club
Collin Hahn Chesterfield XC club
Randy Hahn Chesterfield XC club
Eric Overby Chesterfield XC club
Josh Shaw Chesterfield XC club
Court Warfield Chesterfield XC club
Zach Wilson Chesterfield XC club
Nik Calia Chi-Rho xc club
Daniel Grosch Chi-Rho xc club
Brian Houghton Chi-Rho xc club
Ryan Kelly Chi-Rho xc club
Stephen  Martinez Chi-Rho xc club
George Meyer Chi-Rho xc club
Jacob Ressler Chi-Rho xc club
Paul Campion DC XC Club
Jacob Floam DC XC Club
Michael Gold DC XC Club
Connor Griffin DC XC Club
Harry Monroe DC XC Club
Peter Sikorsky DC XC Club
Will Wimbish DC XC Club
Samuel Blazes Fighting Quakers
Jacob Gosselin Fighting Quakers
Amal  Mattoo Fighting Quakers
Christian  Roberts Fighting Quakers
Chris Avila Force XC
Augie Carlozzi Force XC
Coby Collins Force XC
Kevin Murray Force XC
Kieran Tuntivate Force XC
Colby Williamson Force XC
Charles Wilson Force XC
Anthony  Cortina Gibbons Distance Club
David  Edwards Gibbons Distance Club
Will Harris  Gibbons Distance Club
JT  Klimek Gibbons Distance Club
Connor  Lane Gibbons Distance Club
Ethen  Lund Gibbons Distance Club
Connor  Peeples Gibbons Distance Club
Austin Carey Griffin Track Club
Adolfo Carvalho Griffin Track Club
Elijah Hawkins Griffin Track Club
Andrew  King Griffin Track Club
Rex Ledesma Griffin Track Club
Sean Smyth Griffin Track Club
Eric  Walz Griffin Track Club
Brady Baker Jag Cross Country Club
Connor Greenhalgh Jag Cross Country Club
Mitchell Greenhalgh Jag Cross Country Club
Michael Hoffman Jag Cross Country Club
Zachary Stewart Jag Cross Country Club
Jake Vandermosten Jag Cross Country Club
Caleb Watson Jag Cross Country Club
Kellen Corson K-Town Runners
Colton  Atkinson La Familia
Jack  Henderson La Familia
Tim O'Connell La Familia
Ben Patterson La Familia
David  Savic La Familia
Carlos Torres La Familia
Hayden Tullos La Familia
Evan Chase Lake Braddock XC Club
Alex Corbett Lake Braddock XC Club
Matthew DelVecchio Lake Braddock XC Club
Ben Fogg Lake Braddock XC Club
Cavanaugh McGaw Lake Braddock XC Club
Kevin Monogue Lake Braddock XC Club
Colin Schaefer Lake Braddock XC Club
Max Barbour Loyola Running Club
Logan Gibbs Loyola Running Club
Frankie Legambi Loyola Running Club
Andrew  Macdonald Loyola Running Club
Kenny Rowe Loyola Running Club
Michael Wegner Loyola Running Club
Kevin  Wegner Loyola Running Club
Dalton Hengst McDonogh Eagles
Jack  McCarthy McDonogh Eagles
Andrew  Michelson McDonogh Eagles
Dylan Orrell McDonogh Eagles
Mikey  Singer McDonogh Eagles
Lucas Wright McDonogh Eagles
Andrew  Yoon McDonogh Eagles
Liam Albrittain Mighty Hoppers of DC
Zeke Cohen Mighty Hoppers of DC
Tristan Colaizzi Mighty Hoppers of DC
Aidan Pillard Mighty Hoppers of DC
Jackson Todd Mighty Hoppers of DC
Charles  Holbrook Morristown Trail Runners West 
Daniel Urquieta Morristown Trail Runners West 
Lawson Benfield Peak City XC
Bailey Braswell Peak City XC
David Cart Peak City XC
Derek Duin Peak City XC
Jordan  Kokoska Peak City XC
Ben Savino Peak City XC
Brendan  Fagan Potomac Running Club
Michael  Hughes Potomac Running Club
Shefferman Jason Potomac Running Club
Jake Smith Potomac Running Club
Mitchell Welter Potomac Running Club
Thomas Winkert Potomac Running Club
Arturo  Woodward-Montes Potomac Running Club
Bo Cherry Saints Running Club
Chas Cook Saints Running Club
Preston Copenhaver Saints Running Club
Dylan Havlicek Saints Running Club
Trent Mandato Saints Running Club
Jesse Millson Saints Running Club
Patrick Salas Saints Running Club
Asa Bloom Sentinels
Tim  Bouchard Sentinels
Andrew Hally Sentinels
Tommy Higley Sentinels
Kyle Jones  Sentinels
Colin  Parker  Sentinels
George Steinhoff Sentinels
Matt Cambon Severna Park XC Club
Spencer Davis Severna Park XC Club
Jacob Derlink Severna Park XC Club
Andrew Forsyth Severna Park XC Club
Kevin Hines Severna Park XC Club
Josh Tucker Severna Park XC Club
Clay Whitney Severna Park XC Club
Brazil Barrow SMAC ATTACK
Jereamy Hall SMAC ATTACK
Stephen Henkel SMAC ATTACK
Trent Herzog SMAC ATTACK
Robert Romano SMAC ATTACK
Luke  Bender T3 Run Cross Country Club
Jonathan Ellis T3 Run Cross Country Club
Jack Kastner T3 Run Cross Country Club
James Kavanagh T3 Run Cross Country Club
Aidan Kirby T3 Run Cross Country Club
Vaughn Parts T3 Run Cross Country Club
Ryan  Armstrong Tabor City Track Club
Grayson  Campanaro Tabor City Track Club
Ian  Foley Tabor City Track Club
Kenny Kneisel Tabor City Track Club
Michael  Madden Tabor City Track Club
Cameron Ponder Tabor City Track Club
Brad Walter Tabor City Track Club
Kyle Buchholz  Tallahassee Lions
Matthew  Cashin Tallahassee Lions
Sukhi Khosla Tallahassee Lions
Wil Luca Tallahassee Lions
Maxx Marshall Tallahassee Lions
Hunter Scott Tallahassee Lions
Adam  Wallenfelsz Tallahassee Lions
Nico Johnson TJ:XC
Michael Abebe Unattached
KhayVonn Benson Unattached
Trevaughn Brooks Unattached
Bryce Catlett Unattached
Cal Davidson-Turner Unattached
Tucker Deacon Unattached
Dillon Dean Unattached
Duke DiEugenio Unattached
David Eisenhauer Unattached
Ben Fischer Unattached
Reilly Friedman Unattached
Ben Gersch Unattached
Shane Gibson Unattached
Padraig Hahn Unattached
Michael  Hans Unattached
Hayden Harrison Unattached
Jacob Henley Unattached
Brady Hill Unattached
Amir Khaghani Unattached
Ashenafi Kidanu Unattached
Isaac Krumm Unattached
Zachary  Marchinko Unattached
Harrison Martingayle Unattached
Franco  Martins  Unattached
ian mbogo Unattached
Eamon McCoy Unattached
Chase  Miffleton Unattached
Ronan  O'Shea  Unattached
Seamus Otto Unattached
Isaac Penman Unattached
Wyatt Perkins Unattached
Will Peters Unattached
Dalton Randall Unattached
Connor Rasmussen Unattached
Alex Roederer Unattached
Ben Schmidt Unattached
ethan shuley Unattached
Ryan Speer Unattached
Joshua Speier Unattached
Zack Summerall Unattached
KYLE SWAIN Unattached
Brad Swiney Unattached
Neel Taber Unattached
Matthew Thornton Unattached
Jakob Vaughan Unattached
William verhappen Unattached
Dominic  Voehler Unattached
Jackson  Walker Unattached
Jackson Bivens Uwharria
Matthew Conner Uwharria
Brandon Dalla Rosa Uwharria
Alex Hazan Uwharria
Ryan Hobbs Uwharria
Colton Jordan Uwharria
Mitchell Resor Uwharria
Adam Barnard Washington County Ridge Runner
Zac Branham Washington County Ridge Runner
Mitch  Bronstetter Washington County Ridge Runner
James Garst Washington County Ridge Runner
Nick Roth Washington County Ridge Runner
Josh Routh Washington County Ridge Runner
Ben Varghese Washington County Ridge Runner
Jake Blizzard WaxhawTC
Matt  Blackburn West Springfield XC Club
Evan  Fabish West Springfield XC Club
Chris  Holland West Springfield XC Club
Andrew  Lackey West Springfield XC Club
Andrew Smith West Springfield XC Club
Nahom  Teshome West Springfield XC Club
Tim Ward West Springfield XC Club
Blake Brown Wilco Cross Country
Richard  Guiry Wilco Cross Country
Matthew  Rainey Wilco Cross Country
Garrett Statum Wilco Cross Country
Jack  Strevell Wilco Cross Country
Michael Flanagan Wilmington XC
Joseph Garrett Wilmington XC
Stephen Garrett Wilmington XC
Brad Keen Wilmington XC
Noah McFoy Wilmington XC
Adam McFoy Wilmington XC
Ryan Pala Wilmington XC




Adam Clark Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Ian Miller Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
James Spano Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Lucas Heinzerling B-CC Running Club
Jonah Rosenblum B-CC Running Club
Ian Davis Blacksburg
John Milauskas Blacksburg
Daniel Milauskas Blacksburg
Tay Shen Blacksburg
Rayaan  Bashir Brentwood XC Club
Max Benson Brentwood XC Club
Andrew Cate Brentwood XC Club
Ben Griffith Brentwood XC Club
John Hill Brentwood XC Club
Andrew  Brooks Capitals XC Club
Hayes Derbyshire Capitals XC Club
Stuart Holmes Capitals XC Club
Jack Moody Capitals XC Club
Liam Norris Capitals XC Club
Beck Otersen Capitals XC Club
Jacob Wells Capitals XC Club
Kevin Tillery Catorce Zapatos
Andrew  Garfield Cobras
Teddy  Gelman Cobras
Ryan  Gosling  Cobras
Andrew Jackson Cobras
Ethan  Mara Cobras
Matthew  McConaughey Cobras
Jason  Yohanon Cobras
Shareek Branch DC XC Club
Curtis Bullock DC XC Club
Will Guarini DC XC Club
Holden Madison DC XC Club
Fernando Mata DC XC Club
Reilly McGee DC XC Club
Tom O'Donnell DC XC Club
Jack Posluszny DC XC Club
Michael Ribich DC XC Club
Ben Fickes Force XC
Charles Jabbour Force XC
Brendan Jones Force XC
Logan Kim Force XC
Derek Mann Force XC
Nicholas Monroe Force XC
Owen Porth Force XC
Joel Turk Force XC
Jan VanAmerongen Force XC
Hunter Wieman Force XC
Austin Wilson Force XC
Shafer  Beary Gibbons Distance Club
Chris  Cortina Gibbons Distance Club
Sam  GAy Gibbons Distance Club
Anthony  Kocur Gibbons Distance Club
Logan  Suchniak Gibbons Distance Club
Henrique Carvalho Griffin Track Club
Tyler Szczawinski Griffin Track Club
Noah Trapp Griffin Track Club
Nathan Byrd Jag Cross Country Club
Brendan Evans Jag Cross Country Club
Simon Greenhalgh Jag Cross Country Club
Jack Humphrey Jag Cross Country Club
Tanner Schmoll Jag Cross Country Club
Arthur Sonzogni Jag Cross Country Club
Greyson Winiger Jag Cross Country Club
Byron Carroll K-Town Runners
Lorenzo Delgado K-Town Runners
AJ Meadows K-Town Runners
Juan Saucedo K-Town Runners
Adam White K-Town Runners
Bryan Bergan Lake Braddock XC Club
Ayman Farid Lake Braddock XC Club
Spencer Jolley Lake Braddock XC Club
David Meskill Lake Braddock XC Club
Michael Rivera Lake Braddock XC Club
Josh  Glenn Loyola Running Club
Ben Hosford Loyola Running Club
Devon Maranto Loyola Running Club
Wyatt  Rahl Loyola Running Club
Robbie  Reiners Loyola Running Club
Patrick  Sawyer Loyola Running Club
Dan Vinton Loyola Running Club
Sam Slater Mighty Hoppers of DC
Gavin Belfry Morristown Trail Runners West 
Kenneth  Cole Morristown Trail Runners West 
Chad Fryman Morristown Trail Runners West 
Tristan  Lotivio Morristown Trail Runners West 
Guinn Marsh Morristown Trail Runners West 
Cruz Ramos Morristown Trail Runners West 
Ian  Seal Morristown Trail Runners West 
Connor Smith Morristown Trail Runners West 
William Christian REZZI DISTANCE
Brendan Robinson REZZI DISTANCE
Owen Cook Saints Running Club
Christian McCann Sam Baker's Kangaroos
Nathan Nadal Sam Baker's Kangaroos
Jacob Rushkoff Sam Baker's Kangaroos
Ben Thoms Sam Baker's Kangaroos
Cliff Tilley Sam Baker's Kangaroos
Jackson Walker Sam Baker's Kangaroos
Liam Walsh Sam Baker's Kangaroos
Evan  Callaghan  Sentinels
Daniel Concha-Pedraza Sentinels
Owen  Fink Sentinels
Dom  Gallo Sentinels
Kyle Hanson Sentinels
Andrew  Liss Sentinels
James  Lockwood Sentinels
Kevin  Reinsel Sentinels
Ryan Sentman Sentinels
Mitch  Stuchlik Sentinels
Jacob  Ward Sentinels
Thomas Chaisson Severna Park XC Club
Pierse Chaisson Severna Park XC Club
Kevin Cooley Severna Park XC Club
Casey Gelfand Severna Park XC Club
Kyle Reed Severna Park XC Club
Joe Soderstrom Severna Park XC Club
Chan Staples Severna Park XC Club
Sean Kenny TJ:XC
Daniel Moriarty TJ:XC
Steven Zickafoose TJ:XC
Alec Ashforth Unattached
Andrew Bain Unattached
Nick Bronstetter Unattached
Grayson Campanaro Unattached
Gary Confrey Unattached
Noah Dombkowski Unattached
Garrett Gress Unattached
Luis Guillen Unattached
Bobby Hanlon Unattached
Will Hopkins Unattached
John Johnson Unattached
Yashwan Kalainesan Unattached
Jacob Kennedy Unattached
Deanndre Long Unattached
Henry Love Unattached
Steven Ly Unattached
Yates McConnell Unattached
Geoffrey Mearns Unattached
Hunter Newman Unattached
Jackson  Perrin Unattached
Cesar Pozas Unattached
matthew ritter Unattached
Jefferson Ruiz Unattached
William Ryba Unattached
Andrew Shelton Unattached
Christian Stanborough Unattached
Hyshem Staten Unattached
Brett Tarzy Unattached
Tyson Tran Unattached
Derek Wendel Unattached
Ben Wendt Unattached
Mason Bhatia WaxhawTC
Mack Despard WaxhawTC
Riley Duval WaxhawTC
Roark Habegger WaxhawTC
Joe Hussey WaxhawTC
Jacob Lipsey WaxhawTC
Thomas McMillan WaxhawTC
Austin Payeur WaxhawTC
Ryan Smith WaxhawTC
Luke  Wolaver WaxhawTC
Wilson Sullivan West Springfield XC Club
Griffin Matsuo Western Cary XC Club
Brian Anshen Wilmington XC
Cole Bottorff Wilmington XC
Nick Garrett Wilmington XC
Maxwell Hardin Wilmington XC
David Kaucic Wilmington XC




Reid  Campbell Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Nicholas Gardella Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Jeffey Lund Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Zach Mackenzie Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Sean McGovern Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Jonathan Muhler Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Tyler Petrell Albemarle 5Guys and 5 Girls
Christian d'Orgeix Blacksburg
Brandon DeLorenzo Blacksburg
Elijah Hodges Blacksburg
Liam Lawrence Blacksburg
Ty Stephenson Blacksburg
Alex Walter Blacksburg
Quinn Aitchison DC XC Club
Jack Bechkam DC XC Club
Matthew Cajayon DC XC Club
Will Gately DC XC Club
Mick Gormley DC XC Club
Jonathan Hurley DC XC Club
Will  Spartin DC XC Club
John Travis DC XC Club
Josh Fickes Force XC
Eric Hendrixson Force XC
Cooper Knox Force XC
Sean McMann Force XC
Grady McPeak Force XC
Patrick O'Neill Force XC
Andrew  Fregenal Gibbons Distance Club
Kaleb  Howarth Gibbons Distance Club
Connor Miles Gibbons Distance Club
Cody Davis Griffin Track Club
Brendan O'Brien Griffin Track Club
Matt Owens Griffin Track Club
Drew Persinger Griffin Track Club
Drake Carroll K-Town Runners
Salbador Fuentes K-Town Runners
Brandon Hernandez K-Town Runners
Anson Laukaitis K-Town Runners
Malaki Littlejohn K-Town Runners
Jason Rivas K-Town Runners
Frankie DeCola Mighty Hoppers of DC
Erkin Verbeek Mighty Hoppers of DC
Evan  McKenna Morristown Trail Runners West 
Austin  Barry Sentinels
Andrew Caverly Sentinels
Matthew  Drake Sentinels
David Fielding Sentinels
Alex Franzoni Sentinels
Jake  Stuchlik Sentinels
Jack  Villec Sentinels
TJ Demeroto Severna Park XC Club
Sam Keeler Severna Park XC Club
Jonah Lane Severna Park XC Club
Michael Moore Severna Park XC Club
Will Reed Severna Park XC Club
Logan Vance Severna Park XC Club
Sidney Allen Unattached
Antonio Angelini Unattached
Seth Backus Unattached
John Bloemeke Unattached
Austin Carroll Unattached
Parker Chase Unattached
Joshua Endres Unattached
Connor305  Fletcher Unattached
Branden Foy Jr Unattached
Jett Hall Unattached
Daniel Johnson Unattached
Gavin  Kinkead Unattached
Jon London Unattached
Caleb Petty Unattached
Westin Recktenwald Unattached
mitchell rohr Unattached
Alfonso Torres Unattached
Peyton Barish Western Cary XC Club
Kyle Futterman Western Cary XC Club
Evan Holfelder Western Cary XC Club
Sean Petersen Western Cary XC Club
Daniel Vo Western Cary XC Club
Ryan Wagner Western Cary XC Club