Western Branch's 24 hour relay raises $11,000 for team and cancer research

The checks are still coming in, but as of today the Western Branch team has raised over $11,000 for cancer research and their team thanks to 100+ miles put in by their coach in 24 hour span and 933 total miles combined by all of the Western Branch athletes who participated in the Tuesday, August 13th event which spilled over to 7 am on Wednesday, August 13th at their school's track in Cheseapeake, Virginia.

Western Branch's distance coach Ryan Carroll in memory of one of his friends who was a victim of cancer, honored his friend by raising money for cancer research by completing an incredible task as he circled the track for hours and hours to run a total of 104 miles in less than 24 hours.

His Western Branch athletes logged quite a few miles as well to help fundraise for their team for this upcoming year of meets as Blake Theroux put in a total of 60 miles and David Warren ran the second furthest at 54 miles. Natalie Wynn ran the most among the girls with 51 miles, while Kayleigh Lewellyn completed 49 miles.

A total of 22 athletes participated in the run-a-thon fundraiser. The team passed team on their breaks from running lounging in the tent areas on both ends of the end zone, taking advantage of ice baths made in kiddie pools, refueling with food and drinks, and even playing a few games of ping pong.

More on the Western Branch's long distance method to raise money for their team below.

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