Don't Let Them Fool You, You Need To Watch Out For These 6 Athletes!

Kori Carter (Nansemond River)

So far it has be a quiet season for the Nansemond River sophomore but that is all going to change in the next week. Kori has run in quite a few meets this season but it is becoming obvious that they are hiding how good she is and that is likely out of respect for how good Maury is as a team this year. It has become almost like a chess match with both War and Maury keeping their top athletes out of their best events. 

Kori had a good freshman campaign during the regular season and was definitely showing signs of improvements but it wasn't until outdoor nationals that she really jumped into the spotlight. She blasted a 14.14 in the 100mH to win the emerging elite division as a frosh and anchored Team War's national champion 4x400 relay. 

If she was anchoring a state record relay team as a frosh then you know she is good. So far this season she has ran 7.21, 8.39 (hurdles), and 41.25 to qualify for states in four events. 

We do not know what she will run at states but we do know that she will be vying for the title in any event she runs.