Will We See a Sub 4 Mile at Dogwood?

Last year things got exciting in the boys 800 that featured three superstars chasing history. This year the stakes have been raised and Brandon McGorty, Waleed Suliman, a dozen other guys will be chasing the sub-four barrier. 

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Boys Mile Entries (Top section full Mile)

Event 25  Boys 1600 M (174)
        Meet:  4:03.88  2015        Andrew Hunter, Loudoun Vall                
     Name                        Year School                 Seed     Finals
  1  Waleed Suliman*               12 Douglas Freeman     4:04.11 
  2  Brandon McGorty               12 Chantilly           4:07.14 
  3  Bashir Mosavel-Lo*            12 Deep Run            4:13.26 
  4  Jacob McLeod                  11 Trinity Christia    4:14.00 
  5  Saurav Velleleth              12 Thomas Jefferson    4:16.25 
  6  Colton Bogucki                11 Loudoun Valley      4:17.00 
  7  David Scherrer                12 Cox                 4:17.36 
  8  Ahmed M Hassan                11 Oakton              4:17.56 
  9  Alec Schrank                  12 Millbrook           4:19.64 
 10  Peter Smith                   11 Oscar Smith         4:19.94 
 11  Andrew Delvecchio             11 Lake Braddock       4:20.10 
 12  Brent Bailey                  11 Ocean Lakes         4:21.21 

The real guys to watch in this race will be superstars Waleed Suliman and Brandon McGorty who will combine for the perfect matchup of speed and endurance for this Mile race. Waleed has run 4:04 already this season but it is yet to be seen what he can while pushing the pace the entire way. 

Brandon McGorty on the other hand is more of a front runner who will push the pace. This should make for an epic showdown for both of these guys and all the other state champions and all-American athletes in this final seeded section.

You better be watching this weekend for what could be the first ever sub-4 mile run by a high schooler in the state of Virginia proper.