VHSL States Realignment: The Winners & Losers of Reclassification

The VHSL has certainly kept us on our toes these past four years. This year though could be the biggest shift of them all with the abandonment of the conference or district level competition. Though there will be conference and district meets still, they are not something mandated by the VHSL anymore. In fact it is up to the regions now for what is required or now. 

Right now (according to the best information we could get) the plan is for the top 3 teams from each region, plus the next five individual athletes not on those teams to advance to the state meet. This already has caused quite the controversy considering we know of one region apparently making teams advance to the region which seems awfully silly considering the largest region only has 18 teams and can only advance three. 

Below are the links for the virtual meet team scores for all the regions. See which ones are fair and which ones aren't because regardless of how stacked your region is, you'll be getting the same teams represented at the state meet as the weakest region as well. 

Coaches, Timers, and AD's - if you are aware of regional championship dates and locations please email them to Nolan Jez at Njez@MileSplit.com to ensure they get posted and so that we can plan coverage accordingly. 

Team Scores & Team Rankings by Region: