The Battle For First & Their First State Title!

Buckle up for arguably the most exciting state battle we've ever seen. We know it is a little premature but this almost seems as good as Weini Kelati vs Libby Davidson but instead of being at the regional meet they are meeting for the first time at the state meet. This battle we are talking about is state leader Olivia Beckner vs freshman upstart Julia Ghiselli. The age-old Freshman vs Senior battle. 

Now any year it is exciting when athletes are seeded close together but it is even more exciting when both are seeking their first state titles. That is right, despite owning some of the fastest times ever in VA, Olivia Beckner is not a state champion...yet. Julia Ghiselli on the other hand has never been to a state meet or run on the state course so it seems like someone is going to win their first XC state title. 

But wait just a second... they will not be the only ones in this race as Heather Holt, the defending 5A state champion is now running and cannot be counted out either. 

Beckner and Holt will square off in Region 6D while Ghiselli will be in the 6C competition. Both being on the historic 2.98 Mile course at Burke Lake Park. Meaning of course we will get a great preview of what type of shape all three are in without Ghiselli or Beckner having ever raced directly against one another. 

Here is why we are excited about this race!

Olivia BecknerJulia GhiselliHeather Holt
5K Season Best (State Rank)17:30 (1)17:43 (3)- No Races -
3 Mile Season Best (State Rank)17:23 (1)17:23 (1)17:57 (4)
# of Wins This Year331
Other InfoNo State TitlesFirst State Meet Foot Locker Finalist