Will It Take A 32 and 59 to Win The VA Showcase 300 & 500?

Last year the VA Showcase had the fastest 300 and second fastest 500m race ever. This year though could put last year's race to shame with a potential 32 and 59 needed to win each sprint respectively. Tyrese Cooper is the top returner in both but the new addition of Brian Herron makes things very interesting. Even more interesting when you know Eric Allen (Bullis) and potentially EJ Richardson, Igo Grimes, and others are going to run as well in the 300 or 500 this January*. 

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Now these times are ridiculously fast. Tyrese though has already ran under 33 and it looks like this year could have three sub 33's... pretty impressive considering this time last year the national record was 33.06. Cooper is in great shape and so are his competitors. All three of these guys (Cooper, Herron, Allen) and some other big names entered will have to push with everything they got thru the line this year. Not only to win but to lower that national record. 

On Saturday, the 500 is when things could get scary fast. Last year Cooper and NC's Chantz Sawyer battled it out to the line in a US #2 and US #3 All-Time effort. Cooper reigned supreme in 1:01.68 with an easy couple steps at the end. If he had leaned and finished out those last three steps the time could have been even faster. That is why this year we are putting the possibility out there of a sub 60 500m dash! 

En route to this we could also see a Virginia State Record which is 1:02.61 by Kindel, Richardson, or Grimes. 

Top Athletes' Bests

Athlete200 PR300 PR400 PR500 PR
Tyrese Cooper (FL)20.4632.8745.231:01.88
Brian Herron (GA)20.93--46.07--
Eric Allen (Bullis)21.0433.4948.80--
EJ Richardson (Bethel)--34.6047.961:04.42
Igo Grimes (Freedom)21.3834.4547.191:04.44

*Both the final of the 300 and 500 will be AAU sanctioned and not a part of the NFHS competition. This means athletes competing in these events are technically competing in a different meet. Their marks cannot be used for VHSL or NFHS sanctioned events and these athletes are unable to compete in any other event that day of competition.