Attention Throws Nation: It's Your Turn To Shine!

This December 29th up at James Robinson (Fairfax) MileStat will be in full force to cover the first ever Nike Throw Down. This meet is a special meet with just two awesome events, the boys and girls shot. It will feature nearly 100 athletes in a competitive and exciting environment solely centered around athletes who often get overlooked. 

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"This meet is designed to shine a spotlight on a part of track and field that doesn't always get the most love. This meet is all about the throwers. We've gotten some great responses from Coaches. They are excited to give their throws squad a meet that is all about them and we hope you want to join as well." - Meet Management 

The best part of this meet though will be Nike's special guest. That guest is none other than Gold Medalist Michelle Carter! Don't miss out on one of the best meets of the year. 

Some more info on the meet:

  • at Robinson High School (Fairfax)
  • Starts at 3pm
  • Ends around 7pm 
  • Questions: Contact Mike Kiernan,
  • Thus far (12/20/17) 12 Teams are entered