Hannah Ballowe: Chasing Doswell & Making History of Her Own

Anyone that follows VISAA or Saint Catherine's probably knows two big names. The first is their current superstar and five-time individual state champion Hannah Ballowe and the other is Katie Doswell who is widely considered one of the best VISAA athletes ever. 

Hannah has quickly been making a name for herself. Not only does she dominate the VISAA classification but she also brings to the table some range that few athletes have. She is a consistent sub 60 split on the 4x400 and also the VISAA XC State Champion. Her speciality though is closer to the 1K where she has already run 2:57 last year as a junior. 

Due to illness we have yet to see any huge performances so far this year but this weekend that could all change. She is individually entered in the 1K and 1600 where she is heavily favored in both. 

Katie Roswell, who was also a Saint Catherine's athlete (2006), owns the school record in both events at 2:47 and 4:55. 

Hannah has time on her side and if this weekend goes well she should be making even more of a case to being the Saints' best athlete all-time.