Emilie Miller Leads The Way For Sister With 7 State Titles

Winning a state title is a big deal, winning seven is just insane. That insanity is reality for Wilson Memorial senior Emilie Miller who has tallied up seven individual state titles and an additional 15 individual all-state finishes in her high school career. 

She is not only trailblazing for success at a small school but also for her family. Her little sister, Paige Miller, is also becoming quite the star and thus far is following closing in her footsteps of success. 

Both sisters got their start very early in track & field. They notched times and marks in middle school and Paige even started in the 6th grade. Emilie this year is a senior while Paige is only a sophomore and ready to take down some of her sister's records. 

Thus far Paige only has two pr's better than older sis (5K and 300) but she also has nothing but time on her side. Emilie on the other hand has set the bar quite high with her 17'+ long jump, 37'+ triple jump, and most impressively a 14.05 100mH clocking this season. 

That time is not only a school record but also the 29th fastest time ever run in Virginia. It is also the fastest time ever run by an athlete not in 4A, 5A, or 6A in the state of Virginia. She joins Olympic Gold Medalist, LaTasha Colander, as the only non 5A or 6A athlete to make this list as well. 

Paige will certainly chase her sister's records but she is also going to set some of her own. She already is clearly a better cross country runner with her 21:06 personal best, nearly a minute ahead of Emilie, and her 5-3 best in the high jump. 

At the end of both of their careers who will hold the most records is still yet to be decided. One thing though is definitely set in stone, Emilie is going to set the bar high and her little sister Paige is going to do everything she can to set them even higher.