Did Noah Lyles Make The Right Choice in Turning Pro?

Anyone familiar with the 2016 senior class knows it was one for the record books, literally. It featured Drew Hunter, Brandee' Johnson, Weini Kelati, and the three Florida commits of Grant Holloway, Noah Lyles, and Josephus Lyles

Combined that class took down 10 outdoor state records in what was Virginia's fastest year ever. Those athletes have all gone off to do some pretty big things. Two of the most successful athletes have been Noah Lyles and Grant Holloway who took very different paths. 

Noah Lyles went professional with Adidas and since has run 9.95 in the 100m dash, 19.83 in the 200m dash, and owns the world record now in the 300m dash. He chose that path instead of running collegiately at the University of Florida. 

Grant Holloway on the other hand is running for Florida and thus far has won multiple NCAA titles, helped his team win the NCAA Championship and is edging very close to the 60mH and 110mH world records. He is also excelling in the 400 and long jump as one of the highest ranked individuals in the world. 

Here we want to hear from you, do you think Noah Lyles should have gone pro or gone to Florida? Use what information you know now and let us know why by commenting below.