West Springfield Moves To #1 and #2 After Third Battle

This past weekend was full of PR's and awesome performances. The biggest performance though was that of West Springfield up at the Third Battle Invitational. Entering the weekend their run at Third Battle was the number two thing we were looking at to see if they were the best team in the state. At the meet, that was answered loud & clear. 

Not only did the Spartans of West Springfield take over the top spot in both 6A team races but they also moved to #2 in the guys and #1 in the girls for the entire state. That means you could even make the argument that they have an outside chance of both teams making NXN. 

Now West Springfield did not come out of nowhere. They have been there all along and after seeing them at the RVA Relays and McQuaid it was obvious they were good. The only issue was, we didn't know how good because they had yet to race a 5K. 

It was the McQuaid performance though that caught out attention. The wonderful staff up at NY MileSplit let us know that their speed rating from that meet made them the best team in the state (girls) and that they had passed Blacksburg and Loudoun Valley. We of course waited until we actually saw them race a full 5K before really changing things up. 

This week we cannot wait anymore though. As of today we have moved West Springfield into the VA #1 spot. That is the first time since 2013 that anyone has held that spot aside from Blacksburg this late in the season. 

This is even more impressive considering Sarah Coleman did not even run at Third Battle meaning they could potentially have even more depth/strength to show by indoor track season. 

The guys also moved up in our rankings significantly and are now the 6A state favorites. 

Here are the team's performances from Third Battle. 

Girls' Performances

Boys' Performances 

15:42.00 SB Sean Stuck 8th Varsity Boys 
15:43.30 SB Sam Pritchard 11th Varsity Boys 
15:48.50 SB Chris Weeks 13th Varsity Boys 
16:38.80 SB Matthew Foote 49th Varsity Boys 
16:46.10 SB Matt O'Donnell 60th Varsity Boys 
17:02.30 SB JJ Comley 85th Varsity Boys 
17:15.50 SB Luke Hawkins 108th Varsity Boys 
17:19.60 SB Chris Lozano 9th JV Boys Upperclassmen 
17:25.20 SB Isaac Brown 10th JV Boys Upperclassmen 
17:29.50 SB Bryce Gaskins 11th JV Boys Upperclassmen 
17:31.70 SB Josh Steele 4th JV Boys Underclassmen 
17:45.30 SB Jake Adams 20th JV Boys Upperclassmen 
17:50.50 SB William Hover 17th JV Boys Underclassmen 
17:51.30 SB Nate Pohlsander 18th JV Boys Underclassmen 
17:56.10 SB David Carr 28th JV Boys Upperclassmen 
17:57.40 SB Tyler Weeks 21st JV Boys Underclassmen 
18:15.40 SB Greg Johnson 49th JV Boys Upperclassmen 
18:17.90 SB Luke Wevley 53rd JV Boys Upperclassmen 
18:20.30 SB Nathan Andres 55th JV Boys Upperclassmen 
18:58.00 SB Ryan Vink 90th JV Boys Underclassmen 
19:01.90 SB Andrew Poe 101st JV Boys Underclassmen 
19:10.90 SB Jason Harsha 112th JV Boys Underclassmen 
19:33.50 SB Nathan Bobbitt 140th JV Boys Upperclassmen 
19:48.10 SB Charles Lamb 160th JV Boys Underclassmen 
19:54.20 SB Aidan Velasco-Zimmerman 171st JV Boys Underclassmen 
19:55.50 SB Dixon Brunclik 173rd JV Boys Underclassmen 
20:03.60 SB Kyle LaJoye 180th JV Boys Underclassmen 
20:04.80 SB Andrew Muir 182nd JV Boys Underclassmen 
20:36.90 SB Carter Baumann 230th JV Boys Underclassmen