Race Video: Kurt Powdar Goes US #1 7.20 in 55mH

Oscar Smith's Kurt Powdar was at it again in the 55mH. This time with a 7.20 season best and US #1 in the 55mH. His teammate Aaron Shirley took second out of the last section since he did not have a time heading into the meet. 

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Boys 55mH Results: 

 1Kurt Powdar 12Oscar Smith High School 7.20 1
 2Aaron Shirley 12Oscar Smith High School 7.62 9
 3Zach Barksdale 12Parkwood 7.81 1
 4Keyandre Midgett 11Highland Springs 7.95 2
 5Marcus Wilson 11Patriot High School 7.96 1
 6Kenneth Davis 12Halifax County 7.98 1
 7William Spencer 12Highland Springs 7.98 1
 8Shymeek Dixon 12Oscar Smith High School 7.98 1
 9Trevor Thomas 11Colonial Forge 7.99 2
 10Jeremiah Wilson 11Salem (Roanoke) 7.99 1