Is Britton The Favorite For Two Events At NBNO?

Britton has always been a great sprinter but recently she has also become one of the best hurdlers in the nation too. That leads us to the fact that it could very well be the case that come New Balance Nationals, she will lead the nation in two events. 

If that is the case, what event should she run?

Indoors Britton was the national runner-up in the 400m dash to Kimberly Harris (GA) but also ended the season US No. 1 in the 300 and 500m dashes. 

This June at NBNO her and her Coach will have some tough choices ahead because right now she could seriously contend for two national titles. The reason this is a tough decision is because the 400mH final is at 4:00pm and the 400m final is at 4:30pm leaving basically no room for a double. 

The only you could double, reasonably that is, would be to not be in the fast heat of the 400mH...something Brandee' Johnson did years ago. The unseeded section will be run at 12:15pm which would mean she would definitely have time to recover. 

Britton Wilson's Athlete Profile

That of course is unlikely because she is too good at the 400mH distance and likely will have way too fast of a seed time to fall to 9th seed in the meet. She currently is US No. 1 at 59.45 and not since 2017 has that time not ended the season ranked inside the top eight. 

Britton definitely wants a national title, it has been a goal of hers for quite some time but the question is what event would they want to win more. The 400m dash will certainly be tougher to win but it is also her "main event". The hurdles on the other hand are something she is doing more and more often and likely going to be a huge favorite for. 

Whether she runs one or the other isn't important though at the end of the day because this star just wants that first national title and you can bet she will put everything on the line for the chance to get that gold.