10 Best Races To See #6: Ghiselli Chasing State Title

Winning a state title is an awesome achievement while winning your first one is of course the biggest moment likely in your athletic career. Annandale junior Julia Ghiselli is searching for that moment. 

She has had multiple close calls and two runner-up finishes at States so she is definitely putting herself in the right position and leaving it all out on the course/track.

In our business you can't pick favorites. It is as simple as that, you get to watch athletes progress and see how the races unfold. Sometimes it goes as planned and other times you get a story from a huge upset. 

This year though you have to be rooting for Ghiselli who let's face it, deserves that state title. Of course you have to run the race and that is going to make this year's race very exciting as Julie Ghiselli attempts to win her first state title.