Class 4 Girls XC State Meet Preview (10/3 Edition)

The moral of the story here is never count out Blacksburg high school when it comes to states. After winning a state record seven state team titles in a row they suffered a tough loss to Loudoun Valley who finally was able to break through and take home the team crown. 

This year though Blacksburg is looking for revenge and right now it looks like they could very well upset the early season VA #1 team, Loudoun Valley. 

Based purely on current standings and our virtual meet it looks like this race is too close to call and could very well come down to a tiebreaker. Interestingly enough the tie-breaker would then separate them by just one point. 

This upcoming weekend in Cary at GAXC we will get to see a preview of this race and how it could play out. Keep your eyes on those team scores and team averages as this will be Valley's first time on a super fast course this season. 

Individually things are almost equally as close and between the same teams. Upfront you have Kaitlynn Wolfe of Blacksburg and defending champion Ricky Fetterolf of Loudoun Valley. 

They are joined by Jette Davidson, Alli Crytser, Ellie Desmond, Maddison Murphy, Cierra Caicedo, and Ava Gordon. The class four girls are no joke considering they have more sub 19 girls (8) than any other classification this year.

Virtual Team Scores (10/3):

1Blacksburg High School59.51+11+13+16+18.5 (21+45)1:56.5019:28.38
2Loudoun Valley603+5+15+17+20 (22+24)1:21.0019:29.16
3James Wood High School1089+12+26+28+33 (51+55)1:32.4020:15.52
4Millbrook122.54+7+18.5+44+49 (69+75)2:53.7020:11.10
5Jefferson Forest18010+25+41+42+62 (63+65)2:41.6020:56.30
6Jamestown18223+27+34+40+58 (77+78)1:59.7021:00.32
7Louisa County High School1906+31+43+46+64 (74+81)3:14.5020:56.92
8Hanover1952+39+47+50+57 (60+73)3:34.2020:58.84
9Patrick Henry (Ashland)20514+29+32+54+76 (80+82)3:25.0021:18.76
10Menchville2108+36+37+59+70 (71+79)3:04.0021:10.97
11Grafton High School24738+48+52+53+56 (68+72)49.0021:38.20
12Salem (Roanoke)25930+35+61+66+67 (83+84)1:29.8021:43.54