What To Expect This Week: Small Schools' Week Is Here!

This week is all about the small schools in Virginia. That means from Monday until Friday afternoon all you can expect to see is everything Smalls Schools VA. Here is our panned schedule for articles this week. 


  • Small Schools Boys Top 500 Rankings
  • Feature on Western Albemarle's Jack Eliason


  • Small Schools Girls Top 500 Rankings
  • How Class 1/2/3 and A have changed through time
  • The Greatest Small School Star Ever? Feature on Trish Nervo
  • Class 1 Girls State Meet Preview (10/8 Edition)
  • Class 1 Boys State Meet Preview (10/8 Edition)


  • Big Records From Small Schools
  • Small Schools, Big Story Feature #1
  • Class 2 Boys State Meet Preview (10/9 Edition)


  • Class 2/3 Girls and Class 3 Boys State Meet Preview (10/10 Edition)
  • What Will States Be Like in Salem


  • How Truly Great Is Kelsey Harrington?