Bethany Graham Makes Foot Locker Final!

It was nothing but joy for John Champe senior Bethany Graham as she made the Foot Locker National team with her 3rd place, 17:03 finish at Foot Locker South. 

Aside from winning her first state XC title, this was the goal all along. She didn't just want to make the team, she wanted to win the regional and ran like it! 

Ultimately that opening 5:12 mile cost her a little bit up and around the hill but she held strong and used her strength down and around the lake to move back up to third. Her time was also a season best and the perfect end to her XC season on the east coast. 

In two weeks though she will toe the line with the best in the nation and get a chance to run for an All-American finish. If she races like she did Saturday she most certainly will have a shot at achieving that goal.