Kelsey Harrington Accepts At-Large Invitation To NXN!

Virginia High School senior and UNC commit, Kelsey Harrington will make history as the first VA athlete to compete at NXN and Foot Locker Nationals in the same season these next two weeks. She gets to go thanks to receiving one of the five at-large invitations. 

Harrington will be the only Foot Locker South Region athlete competing at both with Jenna Hutchins, future UNC teammate Ava Dobson, and Gradson Morris all turning down their invitations. 

She is also just the fifth girl from the South Region (not including Texas who has their NXR on a different weekend) to run at both meets ever. 

This is the first year of NXN having at-large invitations but despite that VA has already had four other athletes make both teams during their high school careers. Those four of course came from the two biggest powerhouses of the last decade in Midlothian and Lake Braddock. See their performances below. 

It was also another two Virginians who helped pave the road for this to happen and those two guys are Sean McGorty and Drew Hunter. Both of whom had serious shots at making both national championships but had to choose one over the other. They made a lot of sacrifices and many before them did as well to make this type of invitation even a possibility. 

VA Girls Who've Raced At Both NXN & Foot Locker Nationals 

Kathleen Lautzenheiser19:02.0018:44.0037:46.00
Hannah Christen18:07.3020:57.0039:04.30

VA Boys Who've Raced At Both NXN & Foot Locker Nationals 

Jason Witt15:43.0016:51.3032:34.30
Michael Hammond16:20.0018:11.4034:31.40