RESULTS: MileStat March Madness Round 1

Above are the results from Round 1 of the MileStat Madness. Every athlete on here scored a perfect 30/30 with the stats score, most scored a full 20 on the all-time list/record score, and thus it came down to the popular vote (fan vote) as the biggest decider in this competition including a .25% vote difference deciding Rachel McArthur vs Noah Lyles. 

Round 1 of the 2020 March Madness is now live! You can vote as many times as you want up until Thursday, March 26th evening. The largest part of the scoring is based on the fan vote so the larger the percentage of the vote one athlete receives the better chance they have of advancing. 

More about scoring for March Madness


Upper Right Bracket 

This bracket is a tough one. Arguably with the strongest #1 and #2 seeds. Obviously this was randomly seeded for the matchups but what really stands out this round in this bracket is Benita Fitzgerald vs Lauryn Ghee which should be close in all three measures. 

Lower Right Bracket

No one is particularly safe in this bracket, the fan vote is going to be very important here. 

Upper Left Bracket

Even the 1-8 matchup is a tough one, this is without a doubt the toughest bracket in the entire competition. 

Lower Left Bracket 

What stands out here is the Felecia Majors vs Weini Kelati matchup... aside from that this one is Noah Lyles' to lose.