RESULTS: MileStat March Madness Elite 8

Here is the updated bracket with the results from the Elite 8
Below are the voting results from the Elite 8 competition in the 2020 MileStat March Madness. It included four head-to-head matchups that garnered a total of over 20,000 votes which was almost more votes than the rounds of 32 and sweet sixteen combined. The Final Four will be Brande' Johnson vs. Alan Webb and Britton Wilson vs Grant Holloway. Voting will begin Sunday! 

Here the rules are the same and scoring follows the same rules. To learn about the scoring click here.

Round 1 (32) saw 10,626 votes cast, Round 2 (16) saw 9,917 votes, and the Elite 8 saw 20,282 votes.

Voting four the Final Four will open until Sunday and go until Thursday 5:30pm EST! VOTE EARLY & OFTEN!