Elite 8 Matchup #1: Keilah Tyson vs. Alan Webb

We are down to the regional finals of the 2020 MileStat March Madness. That means there are just four matchups and eight athletes left in this ultimate battle of champions to be named VA's greatest. Check out this matchup below and click the link to vote. 


Keilah Tyson #4 Seed vs Alan Webb  #2 Seed 

Overview of Matchup: This matchup is the oldest matchup left in the competition with both athletes holding the title of being older than any other candidate left. Tyson is a 2011 graduate from Western Branch and Alan is 2001 graduate from South Lakes. Both have won national titles and set multiple state records that still hold to this day. 

Votes Received So Far: 1092 (Tyson) leads 550 (Webb) 

The Favorite: Alan Webb - though he has received fewer votes, he does expect a lot of points from his all-time records that still stand as national records today. 

The Underdog: Keilah Tyson - she will need a lot of votes to overcome her deficits in the other scoring areas meaning she needs to win by about 10% or so in the popular vote.