Elite 8 Matchup #2: Drew Hunter vs Brandee' Johnson

We are down to the regional finals of the 2020 MileStat March Madness. That means there are just four matchups and eight athletes left in this ultimate battle of champions to be named VA's greatest. Check out this matchup below and click the link to vote.


Drew Hunter #1 Seed vs Brandee' Johnson #3 Seed

Overview of Matchup: This is the age-old battle between in-state greatness versus national greatness. Drew does hold one national record and set two while Brandee' holds three state records against Drew's two. Drew appears on the all-time lists in six different events while Johnson does the same in eight different events and finished high school in the top 10 in seven of them. Yes, Drew's mile is arguably one of the greatest records all-time but you cannot deny Brandee's greatness too. 

Votes Received So Far: 4195 (Brandee') - 859 (Drew)

The Favorite: Brandee' Johnson - This former Team War star is 100% the favorite because she is not only in the elite eight but she is leading all athletes in the vote category which ranks for 50% of the score meaning Drew is going to need a record performance to pull on out here. 

The Underdog: Drew Hunter - His records should help him in the scoring, they did last round where he was the first athlete to not win the popular vote and still advance, but he cannot give up too much in the popular vote category. Our rough estimate is he needs to keep it within 10% of Johnson in the popular vote category to have a chance.