Elite 8 Matchup #3: Grant Holloway vs Faith Ross

We are down to the regional finals of the 2020 MileStat March Madness. That means there are just four matchups and eight athletes left in this ultimate battle of champions to be named VA's greatest. Check out this matchup below and click the link to vote.


Grant Holloway #1 Seed vs Faith Ross #3 Seed

Overview of Matchup: If there ever was a matchup of the most versatile athletes in VA history, this one is it. Grant and Faith were both hurdle specialists but also excelled in basically every other event. Grant ranks US #2 all-time in the Pentathlon and Faith Ross holds the VA state record for most events on the all-time list including seven individual appearances and a staggering 12 appearances on relays. Grant on the other hand appears 11 times as an individual and holds the record for most individual state titles. Both athletes are without a doubt the most versatile to ever compete in VA. 

Votes Received So Far: 2368 (Grant) leads 538 (Faith)

The Favorite: Grant Holloway - Setting national records adds two points and currently holding state records also score you big points. That means records should carry Grant here aside from the popular vote. 

The Underdog: Faith Ross - She will definitely need to make up points in the popular vote (currently behind on Tuesday) and also make up points on Grant in the all-time list scoring. She has her work cut out for her but we know Branch almost always finds a way to win.