Elite 8 Voting Open Only Until 5:30pm!

There are just a few hours until voting will close in the elite eight of MileStat March Madness. Voting this round has been tough thus far and already has well surpassed both the round of 32 and 16 in total votes cast. It could grow to the size of both rounds combined before voting closes this afternoon! 


We will announce the results once the polls are closed. If you're wondering how these matchups are scored check out the scoring guide here. Simply put, there are three scoring components. The fan vote or poll component is worth 50%, the major wins component is worth 30%, and the all-time/records component is worth 20%. So the maximum an athlete can score is 100. The 50% portion though is divided based on the fans vote. So if one athlete gets 76% of the vote they get 76% of 50 which is 38 and the other athlete would receive 12 points. 

Below are the current points each athlete will receive in addition to their popular vote points. Every remaining athlete has won enough major victories to score a perfect 30 in that category and then the other number is their score in the all-time list/record component. 

Keilah Tyson: 41 points (30-11)

Alan Webb: 50  points (30-20)

--Keilah Tyson needs at least 60% of the popular vote to win--

Drew Hunter: 45 points (30-15)

Brandee' Johnson: 43 points (30-13)

--Brandee' Johnson needs at least 52% of the popular vote to win--

Grant Holloway: 48 points (30-18)

Faith Ross: 37 points (30-7)

-- Faith Ross needs at least 62% of the popular vote to win--

Britton Wilson: 40 points (30-10)

Felecia Majors: 37 points (30-7)

--Felecia Majors needs at least 54% of the popular vote to win --