Virginia Middle School States Moved To July 11th

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. - Meet Management in conjunction with The University of Virginia has agreed to move the 2020 Virginia Middle School State Championships from May 23rd to July 11th. Meet management began exploring options to move it back in late March and after stay at home orders were given moved forward to move the event one month after the expiration of the current stay at home orders (June 10th). 

Meet Page & Registration Information 

Meet management provided the following statement to on April 7th:

"Our first, second, and third goal this season is the health, safety, and well-being of all of Virginia. Our intention is to hold these championships only if it is appropriate to do so. Many things can change and our hope is that things change for the better. Moving this meet is just the first step, of many, to make this event happen in 2020. We plan on sending updates to and posting them on the meet page the second there are any updates. We will be speaking with state health officials and taking necessary actions at the event itself. Things such as utilizing half of the lanes in sprint races and requiring masks for spectators are some of the options we are looking at. Though we really want to host these championships, the decision whether to host them or not will be a decision based on suggestions from local and state government and not on our desire to host these championships."