Who Would You Film For VA Track's Version Of The Last Dance?

The ESPN docu-series, The Last Dance, about Michael Jordan's final year with Chicago has given sports fans at least a little reprieve from the no-sports-world we currently live in. It is a great series about quite a few big events and really the end of a dynasty. After watching it it got us thinking about track in VA. 

If there was a docu-series to be made about something or someone in VA track, who would it be about? What subjects would it cover? When or what part of their career would it cover? 

Tweet us your ideas and we will add them below. Our twitter is @MileStatdotcom 

Ideas for VA Track's The Last "Lap/Race/Throw/Jump/Vault":

Some ideas from MileStat

  • In-depth feature on the Team War vs Western Branch dynasty 2013-2017
  • The Lyles Brothers 
  • Alan Webb's Hunt For Sub 4
  • Bethel & The 4x4 
  • The Dogwood 800m from 2016
  • Albemarle's Boys 4x800m Relay 
  • Drew Hunter & His Three Penn Relays Races 
  • Weini Kelati's Forced Final Year 
  • Titiana Marsh's Search For A National Title