Noah Lyles Takes World Lead, Josephus Lyles 2nd!

Noah Lyles and Josephus Lyles squared off for the first time since high school Friday in the Monaco Diamond League meet. Naturally they took 1-2 with a new world lead of 19.76 going to Noah. Josephus ran an impressive 20.30 for second. 

Prior to the start Noah was seen with his head down and his fist raised similar to what Tommie Smith and John Carlos did during the 1968 Olympics' medal ceremony. This gesture is the universal symbol of solidarity and support. It is also used as a salute to express unity, strength, defiance, or resistance. 

Shortly prior to the race Noah tweeted out the iconic picture of Carlos and Smith from 1968 without any caption. That tweet was liked by the USATF's official page. 

This was a big race for Noah who is coming off of his sub 19 race that accidentally had him running about 185 meters instead of 200. This race was double and triple checked and in front of fans and with a full field of athletes. 

Josephus, who is roughly a year younger, had quite the race finishing second in 20.30. Josephus, who is also professional with adidas has had a rough few years with injuries and getting back to his top running form, this was a huge step in the right direction. 

Though it is impossible to compare the two it is worth noting that prior to his injury Josephus was on pace to break LaShawn Merritt's state record, LaShawn of course went on to win multiple gold medals in the 400, and break some of Noah's records as well. Josephus despite being a year younger was in the same grade and left high school at the same time as Noah.