Nathan Atchue Is Now One Of The Fastest VA Sophomores Ever

One name you should know and be scared of is that of the Franklin County sophomore, Nathan Atchue. Despite only being a sophomore and running club (FC Elite) this fall XC season he has already run 15:24 in the 5K and will be looking to break 15 next week at the VA Elite Invite. 

Not only is that time the fastest in the state of Virginia but it is also one of the fastest sophomore times ever in VA, according to the MileStat database. We gauge it is most certainly top 10 all-time. 

Though his progression is impressive, it is not a huge shock either.

Last XC season, as a freshman he finished 8th at the Class 6 state meet and ran his best time of the season, 16:04. The is quite impressive to PR on that course. What it really tells us though is that he is a competitor and steps up when the spotlight is on him.

That is exactly what he did two weeks later at Foot Locker South where he was victorious in the freshman race to the tune of a 16:13 5K. 

This next week will be a nice test for the sophomore as he once again will be on a fast course, this time Pole Green's Upper Course, and face some great competition. 

The VA Elite & Middle School State Meet will be live streamed!