Check Out The Entries For Top Races At VA Elite XC Invite

The two seeded races this Saturday at the VA Elite XC Invitational are going to be blazing fast. Check out the top entries below and buckle up for a fast one that you can watch LIVE on MileSplit

Below are the top entries but some athletes who are in the races actually ran faster last year or the year prior so this is merely a preview of what is to come. 

Girls Seeded Race 

11:00am EST

Seed TimeAthlete NameClub Team
16:28Brooke RauberUnattached (NY)
16:58Juliette WhitakerUnattached (MD)
17:16Ava GordonNOVA AC
17:37Sierra Collins Harnett County TC (NC)
17:48Audrey LinkUnattached (VA)
17:57Alli CrytserHanover Elite
18:00Zoie LamannaForest Running Club
18:12Amelia MaughanUnattached (NC)
18:15Kayla WernerPacers
18:15Jessica NealUnattached (FL)
18:17Lindsey HesterSwamp XC
18:22Gillian BusheeUnattached (VA)
18:22Hope FrostUnattached (VA)
18:24Carly Wilkes *Unattached (VA)
18:30Mackenzie SteeleRichmond Track Club
18:31Hannah PreisserUnattached (NC)
18:36Jenna StutzmanCrozet Crew
18:40Arianna DeBoerUnattached (VA)
18:40Janie SanbornRichmond TC
18:41Ricky Fetterolf*NOVA AC

*Wilkes has since run 18:15

*Fetterolf ran 17:53 last year

Individuals: Bryce Lentz, Nathan Atchue, Jack Dingman, Xavier Jemison, Brogan Giffin, Alex Murphy, Damian Hackett, Brady Colford, Ben Madrigal, Patrick Donnelly, Mason Love, Aidan Nathan, Harrison Ladd, Griffin Horner, Jacob Plummer, Luke Affolder, Wesley Haws, Gavin Sweeny, Timothy Boyce, Murphy Smith

Boys Seeded Race

12:00pm EST

Seed TimeAthlete NameClub Team
15:15Bryce LentzUnattached (VA)
15:18Wesley HawsUnattached (NC)
15:22Gavin SweenyUnattached (NC)
15:24Jacob Plummer
15:24Jack DingmanUnattached (NC)
15:24Nathan AtchueFC Elite
15:31Murphy SmithUnattached (NC)

15:34Carson SloatSeverna Park CCC
15:35Jake GelfandSeverna Park CCC
15:37Xavier JemisonUnattached (VA)
15:40Matthew SmithNOVA AC
15:43Harrison LaddSeaShore Force
15:45Zachary MorseCougars TC
15:46Nick BenedictSeverna Park CCC
15:47Alex MurphyUnattached (VA)
15:47Garrett WoodhouseCougars TC
15:47Brady ColfordUnattached (NC)
15:53Ben MadrigalUnattached (VA)
15:54Ryan BordenNOVA AC

Girls teams in the seeded race include NOVA AC's A and B team, Qualla Road Crew, Crozet Crew, Pacers, New Energy Seashore Force, and Richmond Track Club. Since these teams are club squads that means some teams may be made up of athletes from multiple schools and counties. 

Boys teams in the seeded race include NOVA AC's A and B team, Crozet Crew, Cougars TC, Severna Park CCC, Mechanicsville CCC, and West End Running Club.