Class 4/5/6 XC States Moving To Oatlands In 2021

The VHSL recently updated their resource page and on it was a big change, Class 4/5/6 states was now listed at Oatlands instead of Great Meadow. Though this is a shock, it does not completely come out of nowhere. Honestly, it was expected.

Over the summer when the VHSL voted to adopt the condensed sports schedule that meant XC was moving to the spring. What that in turn caused was a scheduling issue between XC and Great Meadow Park which hosts its largest event, the Gold Cup, in early May. Thus, we reach where we are now where XC states needed a new venue. 

The move to Oatlands does make sense as it is a controlled course, relatively the same as states (though a little bit harder), that has multiple ways to enter and exit. That coupled with its size, made it conducive to hosting a big meet such as VHSL States. 

The VHSL also noted that the championships will be hosted over three days with Class 6 running Thursday April 22, Class 5 running Friday April 23, and Class 4 running Saturday April 24. 

A similar schedule exists for Class 1/2/3 down in Salem at Green Hill Park. Their's goes Wednesday-Friday with the order being 3-2-1.