MileStat's Four Favorite XC State Memories

4. Loudoun Valley Boys Are Perfect 

One of most impressive things I have ever seen was the Loudoun Valley vikings score a perfect 15 at the 2017 state meet. Not only did they score a perfect 15 but they also went a step further and went 1-2-3-4-5 without any non-scorers in their way. 

Leading up to the state meet we all knew it was possible. In fact, some expected it but in VA's decades of history it had never happened so there was this burning question... can they do it? 

Purely based on the performance list and PR's it was a secure lock for them to go 1-3 but 4th and 5th were up in the air. That is what makes XC just so much more exciting... having to actually wait and see what happens. In track you generally know right away but in XC and with team scoring a lot can happen in that 3.1 miles. 

I distinctly remember the whole group being together near the mile and two mile mark but it not decided at all. 

Normally at states I capture the start then run over to the mile mark, from there I jump the gate (don't tell Dave that) and watch them cross the stream. From there I make my way back to see them at the two mile before jogging back to the finish. 

Though you think that is a lot, there is still so much you don't see. Most of the moves and changes actually happen after the last uphill climb and some don't even happen until they are in the homestretch. 

So I remember just waiting at the finish line and we see them come in first then second. Then a small break and we can see 3rd and 4th. Then another 10 seconds later we could spot Connor Wells in the yellow jersey coming up over the rise. 

Even the officials were yelling - "they can do it, there's their fifth!". Everyone was watching in the finish chute and could not believe it as Wells held off the late charge from his competitors to hold on to it and make it a perfect 1-2-3-4-5 for Loudoun Valley.