The VT Premier Invite, VA's Original National Invitational

Virginia is spoiled these days. There are three hydraulically banked tracks, another fixed banked track, and a staggering six 200m flat tracks. Not only do we have the tracks but we have the meets as well. Meets that draw all the big names from VA and nationally too. 

Though much of the attention these days goes to the VA Showcase, few remember or know of the original national caliber track meet, The Virginia Tech Premier High School Invitational. This weekend would have been its 20th annual running. 

Back in 2001 it was founded as the Microtel Invitational and in 2003 it became the Virginia Tech Invitational. From there it was off to the races. 

The best part of indoor track is the scarcity of tracks meaning bigger and more competitive meets. That was especially true twenty years ago when Virginia had a grand total of one banked track and aside from Virginia Tech's you could not find another south of the Armory in New York.

What all this meant was every single elite athlete who ran indoors wanted to be at this meet. The meet director, Dan Ward, also made sure they wanted to be. He did a great job at building up the meet and really laid the ground work for what indoor meets could become.

The competition at this event was insane. The atmosphere, in the old and cramped Rector Fieldhouse was electric. Those 4x200's were legendary. You can watch one of them above. 

Event the field events were the best with some of Virginia's state records being set there. Here is one of the better ones, Grant Holloway celebrating in mid-air to a state record 25-11 long jump. 

Not only were there great marks and races but history was made there too. We are talking about many Virginia State records and four national records that we can count. The alumni list is insane as well with Grant Holloway, Noah Lyles, Alan Webb, Wayne Davis III, Francena McCorory, Brandee' Johnson, The Jameson Twins of Eleanor Roosevelt, The Albemarle Boys' 4x8, Sarah Bowman-Brown, Yvette Lewis, Devon Williams, and many many more. 

This meet was the "big overnight trip" meet for nearly every school. It only accepted the top entries and even then was a packed house. With things changing and Tech getting a newer facility this meet unfortunately fell by the wayside. It is nice though to look back and reminisce on this great meet. 

Boys Meet Records

55m 6.22 2016
300m 33.18 2016
500m 1:02.80 2006
800m 1:54.41 2008
1000m 2:24.13 2001
Microtel Invitational -- NATIONAL RECORD
1600m 4:12.23 2003
1 Mile 4:15.64 2009
3200m 9:05.49 2016
55mH 7.08 2009
Virginia Tech Invitational1st -- NATIONAL RECORD
4x200m 1:27.29
4x400m 3:17.00
4x800m 7:49.88
DMR 10:35.59
High Jump 6-10 2004
Long Jump 25-11.5 2016
Triple Jump 51-0 2015
Pole Vault 16-1 2008
Shot Put 63-7 2003

Girls Meet Records 

55m 6.98 2014
300m 36.96 2006
Virginia Tech HS Invitational1st -- NATIONAL RECORD
500m 1:11.53 2007
Microtel Invitational -- NATIONAL RECORD
600m 1:32.53 2007
800m 2:15.98 2008
1000m 2:49.76 2012
1600m 4:52.78 2014
1 Mile 4:49.71 2014
3200m 10:35.62 2016
55mH 7.82 2016
4x200m 1:38.27
4x400m 3:44.44
4x800m 9:17.90
DMR 12:06.04
High Jump 5-10 2002
Long Jump 19-6 2007
Triple Jump 40-6.75 2003
Pole Vault 12-9 2015
Shot Put 48-4.75
NC Cox